Hidden Strike – Everything You Need To Know

Hidden Strike – Everything You Need To Know

In the past, there was great anticipation for a collaboration between John Cena and Jackie Chan in an action film. This movie, referred to as “Project X,” had a significant budget and was planned to be filmed entirely in China. It aimed to combine exciting action sequences with the comedic chemistry of a buddy-cop dynamic, which seemed like a perfect match for Cena and Chan’s talents.

Both Cena and Chan have established themselves as action stars with impressive comedic abilities. Chan, a renowned figure in martial arts cinema, achieved remarkable success with Western viewers. Especially through films like the “Rush Hour”. Prior to his roles as Peacemaker and Jakob in the “Fast & Furious” franchise, Cena entertained live audiences as a 16-time world champion in WWE. Their individual accomplishments and talents in the action genre were evident, with Chan’s martial arts expertise and Cena’s charisma captivating audiences in their respective fields.

Hidden Strike
Image credits: XYZ Films

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The recently released trailer provides a first glimpse of the upcoming film, setting the stage in a near-future world devastated by an oil war in the Middle East. The trailer showcases scenes of intense destruction, with vehicles scattered on the road and a massive explosion emphasizing the film’s depiction of large-scale violence. The trailer then introduces Chan and Cena, our lead characters. They attempt to prepare for their mission inside a vehicle. Cena’s character repeatedly attempts to fasten his seatbelt, while Chan’s character observes and eventually instructs him on the proper way to do it. This scene adds a comedic touch and plays with the audience’s expectations, highlighting the enjoyable dynamic between the lead actors.

What is the plot of Hidden Strike?

“Hidden Strike” is based on XYZ Films’ synopsis, which revolves around the collaboration of two former soldiers. Their objective is to protect civilians by escorting them along the infamous Highway of Death, a six-lane road in Baghdad. This aligns with Jackie Chan’s earlier statement to The Hollywood Reporter in 2018. In addition to their mission of safeguarding innocent lives, the film introduces the possibility of an oil heist orchestrated by true antagonists. What’s more, the characters portrayed by Cena and Chan may not initially be on the same team, which adds an intriguing dynamic to their relationship.

As per Jackie Chan’s interview with THR, in the film, both characters start as regular guys who have retired from the military and are not superheroes. Initially, they see each other as enemies, with each thinking the other is the bad guy. But later on, they realize they are actually on the same team. So they will join forces to fight against the real enemy. Chan’s description aligns with a well-known formula for movie team-ups, which should be a great fit for the overall atmosphere of “Hidden Strike.” The idea of seeing Chan and Cena face off briefly before teaming up against other adversaries sounds highly appealing and adds to the excitement surrounding the film.

Hidden Strike
Image credits: XYZ Films

Who is starring in the movie?

“Hidden Strike” features Jackie Chan as Luo Feng and John Cena as Chris Van Horne, marking their first-ever collaboration in a film. Cena was particularly drawn to the project due to the opportunity to work alongside Chan, which initially piqued his interest in being part of “Hidden Strike.” Cena expressed in an interview that if Jackie Chan is involved in a project, he is immediately interested. He described Chan as a tremendous source of wisdom and a pleasure to be around. Cena’s admiration for Chan played a significant role in his decision to work on “Hidden Strike.”

“Hidden Strike” will star Pilou Asbæk, a Danish actor recognized for his performances as Euron Greyjoy in “Game of Thrones”. Asbæk will portray the character Owen Paddock in “Hidden Strike.” The remaining cast members of the film include Zhenwei Wang, Amadeus Serafini, Li Ma, and Rachael Holoway.

Who is directing?

The choice of setting the action-comedy film “Hidden Strike” on certain highway sections implies that audiences can anticipate adrenaline-pumping vehicle stunts and explosive moments. With Scott Waugh as the director, this comes as no surprise. Waugh’s previous work includes directing “Need For Speed,” the 2014 film adaptation of the popular video game series featuring Aaron Paul. Later this year, Scott Waugh will add another notable action-film credit to his name as the director of the upcoming “The Expendables 4.” The highly anticipated film is set to be released on September 22, 2023. This upcoming film will further solidify his position as a notable director in the action genre.

Hidden Strike
Image credits: XYZ Films

Waugh expressed his gratitude to THR for having actors like John Cena and Jackie Chan, who possess remarkable physical abilities, in “Hidden Strike.” According to Waugh, working with such talented actors allows for the creation of action sequences that fully utilize their skills. He described it as a dream scenario. Given Waugh’s statement and his background as a stuntman, audiences can anticipate awe-inspiring stunts both on and off the road.

When will Hidden Strike be released?

It’s still currently unknown when “Hidden Strike” will be released. But with XYZ Films officially revealing a poster and trailer (more on that later), it’s likely that “Hidden Strike” will hit audiences sooner than later.

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