Netflix is developing a Pokémon live-action series

Netflix is developing a Pokémon live-action series

Netflix is developing a live-action Pokémon TV series, following the success of Detective Pikachu.

Netflix has announced that Joe Henderson, known for his work on Lucifer, will be creating a live-action Pokémon show for the streaming platform. As the show is still in the early stages of development, details about its content and storyline are yet to be revealed. The Pokémon franchise has gained worldwide popularity since its debut as a video game in 1996. It has expanded into a successful animated series with nearly 2000 episodes, 23 animated films, and a live-action film, Detective Pikachu, released in 2019. Pokémon has also ventured into merchandise and gained immense popularity as a trading card game.

As the Pokémon franchise enjoys unwavering popularity and a devoted fanbase, any new addition to the franchise must meet the high expectations of its passionate followers. With a wealth of existing content and limitless creative possibilities, Netflix faces the challenging task of introducing its own live-action project to the Pokémon universe. To win over fans worldwide, Netflix must ensure they capture the essence of what makes Pokémon special. Here are some key aspects they need to get right in their live-action show.

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A Likable Main Character

The central character holds immense significance in the success of any show. Regardless of how compelling the plot may be, if the main character fails to resonate with the audience, it can have a negative impact. The Pokémon franchise has excelled in creating beloved main characters that viewers hold dear. Ash Ketchum, introduced in 1997, has embarked on a remarkable journey throughout the show’s storyline and feature films.

He has become an iconic figure within the Pokémon brand and continues to lead the franchise in upcoming seasons of the animated series. Netflix faces the challenge of developing a likable protagonist that can match the appeal of Ash, considering the specific direction they choose for their original addition to the franchise. Emulating the character development approach that Pokémon employed with Ash would be a wise course of action, depending on the chosen plot.

Pikachu’s Voice & Design

When we think of Pokémon, Pikachu is undoubtedly the first character that comes to mind. Pikachu has been an integral part of every Pokémon project and is an essential inclusion in any future endeavors. As Ash’s loyal companion in the animated series, Pikachu has managed to capture the hearts of fans and has become one of the most beloved starter Pokémon in the franchise. The portrayal of Pikachu, whether through voice acting or animation, holds immense importance and can significantly impact how critics and fans perceive the character. In many ways, Pikachu has become one of the primary faces of the franchise, extending its influence beyond digital media to merchandise and advertising. A Pokémon movie or show would feel incomplete without Pikachu’s presence. Ensuring the faithful representation of this iconic character would elevate the series to new heights, guaranteeing that fans will continue to adore the electric rodent Pokémon time and time again.

Pokémon Live-Action Animation Style

Pokémon live-action

Since Pokémon are fictional creatures, it is necessary for the show to utilize animation to bring them to life. The film “Detective Pikachu” provided audiences with their first glimpse of Pokémon in a 3D format, and it was met with adoration. Initial reactions were mixed because people didn’t know what to expect, and seeing these traditionally 2D creatures existing in our real world was a bit unusual. However, the animation style in “Detective Pikachu” proved to be charming and could serve as a suitable inspiration for the new project. On the other hand, it is crucial to avoid a situation similar to the initial release of the live-action “Sonic The Hedgehog” movie trailer in 2019. Fans and the general public were taken aback by Sonic’s animation, which resulted in widespread criticism and the creation of humorous memes that still linger in the franchise’s history. The backlash eventually prompted the filmmakers to completely redesign Sonic’s appearance, ensuring a more widely accepted portrayal. Thus, it is essential for the new Pokémon project to carefully consider the animation style and avoid any missteps that could lead to a negative reception from fans and audiences.

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