Netflix is developing a Pokémon live-action series

Netflix is developing a Pokémon live-action series

Netflix has pulled the trigger on another anime-to-live action adaptation, and this is a big one: according to trade sources, a new Pokémon live-action television series similar to Detective Pikachu is now in the works at the streaming studio.

It was recently announced Lucifer’s Joe Henderson will be creating a live-action Pokémon show for Netflix. Since the show is only in early development, it is not clear what it is going to entail. The Pokémon franchise is a worldwide phenomenon that dates back to its first step into the public space as a video game in 1996. Since then, the Pokémon franchise has expanded to a successful animated show with almost 2000 episodes, 23 animated films, and one live-action film (Detective Pikachu) in 2019. Pokémon, in addition to creating a riveting reputation in gaming, film, and television, made its brand available as merchandise and an increasingly popular card game.

Since Pokémon continues to be so successful in nurturing the love and respect of an increasingly passionate fanbase, the creation of something new in the franchise will have to live up to their high expectations. With so much content to work with as a reference and practically endless possibilities, Netflix is fulfilling a tall order by adding its own project to the Pokémon franchise — and a live-action one, for that matter. When it comes to winning over Pokémon fans across the world, Netflix has “Gotta catch ‘em all” when making their live-action show. Here is what they need to get right.

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A Likable Main Character

The heart and soul of any successful show is the main character. No matter how magnificent you may think the plot is, having a main character that does nothing but get on the audience’s nerves is not a good look. The Pokémon franchise so far has done a good job of creating main characters that audiences cherish. The character Ash Ketchum was first introduced into Pokémon in 1997 and has continued his journey through the storyline of the show as well as full-length movies. He has become an increasingly recognizable part of Pokémon as a brand and continues to lead the franchise in upcoming seasons of the animated series. With Ash as the main blueprint for a likable protagonist, Netflix has its work cut out for it as they continue developing their original addition to the franchise. Depending on the plot that they decide to go with, developing a character the way Pokémon once did with Ash would be the next best thing.

Pikachu’s Voice & Design

When we all hear the term Pokémon, it is more than likely that Pikachu is what we think of. Pikachu has been a constant presence in every Pokémon project and is a must in any project moving forward. As Ash’s best friend in the animated series, Pikachu managed to also become one of the favorite starters in the franchise. Therefore, whatever voice or animation they choose to represent the beloved character can make or break it in the eyes of critics. In many ways, Pikachu has become one of the main faces of the franchise and continues to be a cultural phenomenon in both digital media and in merchandise and advertising. A Pokémon movie or show would not be right without Pikachu! Getting this character right would completely elevate the series and fans are destined to fall in love with the rodent Pokémon over and over again.

Pokémon Live-Action Animation Style

Pokémon live-action

Obviously, Pokémon are not real. So, that particular aspect of the show will have to be animated. Detective Pikachu was everyone’s first look into what Pokémon would look like in 3D form, and it was adorable. Reactions were mixed because people had no idea what to expect, and it was definitely weird seeing these 2D creatures existing in our world. So you could say that Detective Pikachu’s animation style could work for the new project. Now, what we don’t want is another Sonic The Hedgehog incident. When the first trailer for the live-action Sonic The Hedgehog came out in 2019, fans and even the general public were absolutely shocked at the animation of Sonic. It was turned into hilarious memes that still haunt the franchise to this day. The backlash eventually led to the movie completely redesigning the animation to create something that people can swallow.

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