Prey for the Devil: Everything you need to know

Prey for the Devil: Everything you need to know

Do you enjoy watching horror films that revolve around exorcisms and also have clever puns for titles? If so, then Lionsgate and Gold Circle Entertainment have a movie called Prey for the Devil coming out this October that will be right up your alley. They came out with an absolutely horrifying trailer today to give us a taste of what the movie’s all about (spoiler: it’s about exorcisms and the devil), which I have watched and will now undoubtedly have nightmares about tonight. Here is everything you need to know.

Lionsgate announced the release date for their new possession horror Prey for the Devil, and with it comes a new poster exclusively from Bloody Disgusting that teases a terrifying creature taking hold of a young girl. The film is centered around the Catholic Church’s battle against a pandemic of demonic possessions, with a promising young nun rising to the occasion to take on the forces of evil. After multiple delays, the film is set to release this year.

The Flash: Everything We Know So Far

The new poster of Prey for the Devil

This new poster shows the direct consequences of letting evil in, as a young girl suffers from demonic possession. With the demon’s grotty hands wrapped around her head, strands of hair rush into her open, void-like mouth which also contains the film’s tagline “It wants in.” As that horrific sight unfolds, the girl shows the telltale signs of possession – all-black eyes and skin that appears to be changing to a splotchy, rot-like look. In an almost mocking manner, the demon has a rosary wrapped around its hand, signaling that even a general faith in God won’t save you from the forces of evil present in the film. Once evil gets in, it’s nigh impossible to get it and all the strands of hair it leaves out.

Prey for the Devil
The new poster for Prey for the Devil

Prey for the Devil Plot

Originally known as The Devil’s Light, the film follows the unlikely rise of Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers) in the Catholic Church’s fight to curb the rising number of demonic possessions. After opening a school to teach young priests how to perform exorcisms, her abilities to combat demons are recognized and, despite rules stating nuns aren’t allowed to take part in the practice, she’s authorized to perform exorcisms. Alongside the young Father Dante (Christian Navarro), she’s tasked with saving the soul of a young girl who is seemingly possessed by the same demon that took Ann’s mother. Drawn into a battle against the demon, she soon realizes the danger she’s in and that the devil wants to take hold of her too.

The Cast and Crew

The cast and crew of Prey for the Devil contains some horror heavyweights, with The Last Exorcism and 13 Sins‘ Daniel Stamm and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later‘s Robert Zappia directing and writing the film respectively, and Tony Todd‘s victim in the original Candyman, Virginia Madsen, starring alongside Byers. Rounding out the main cast is Lisa Palfrey (Sex Education), Nicholas Ralph (All Creatures Great and Small), Colin Salmon (Resident Evil), and the late Ben Cross (Star Trek). Paul BrooksJessica MalanaphyTodd Jones, and Earl Richey Jones all produce while Scott NiemeyerDavid BrooksMichael P. Flannigan, and Brad Kessell executive produce.

Prey for the Devil

Prey for the Devil: Release Date

Prey for the Devil has a bit of a troubled production history leading up to this point. When it was still The Devil’s Light, it was in the hands of Black Mirror director James Hawes before changing hands in 2020. It’s also suffered multiple delays, originally slated for January 2021 release in theaters before being pushed back once again from its new February 2022 premiere. This time, the film is finally coming together with a trailer coming exclusively through Bloody Disgusting on July 14.

Accordingly, Prey for the Devil releases in theaters on October 28.

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