Terrifier 4 Plans Teased By Horror Director, Could Be Franchise’s Last

Terrifier 4 Plans Teased By Horror Director, Could Be Franchise’s Last

Damien Leone teases his plans for Terrifier 4, indicating that his writing on the third film could require a fourth that may be the franchise’s last.

After shocking audiences last year, writer/director Damien Leone reveals his potential Terrifier 4 plans, including that it may be the horror franchise’s last. Leone’s slasher series revolves around Art the Clown, a menacing serial killer who haunts the area of Miles County, slaughtering a variety of people in vicious fashion. Though the first film debuted to largely mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, its cult status led to crowdfunding of last year’s Terrifier 2, which garnered much better reviews and was a box office smash, paving the way for potential future chapters.

In a recent interview with Insider, Damien Leone opened up about the future of the Terrifier franchise. While confirming he is currently at work penning the script for the third film, the writer/director teased that his story ideas could lead to it being expanded to a Terrifier 4, which he also seemingly hints could be the franchise’s last. See what Leone said below:

I am writing ‘Terrifier 3’ as we speak. I definitely want to make at least one more. There may be two to tell this story and tackle all the ideas that I have in my head. Because there’s a lot more to explore with Art the Clown, the pale girl, Victoria, and certainly Sienna as our final girl. We will be following her journey to the end of this franchise.

Why Terrifier 4 Should End The Franchise

Even in the lead up to the second film’s release, Leone had teased his plans for a potential Terrifier 3, indicating that it and any other future sequels would work to further explore Art the Clown’s backstory and motivations, both of which have been kept a mystery up to this point. While it was never specified how many sequels he was plotting past Terrifier 2, he did seem to imply he had ideas for at least one further movie, wanting to avoid making another 2.5-hour-long movie. Leone’s latest comments seem to further confirm his thoughts on splitting up the next Terrifier movie into two parts as he attempts to juggle the stories of four different characters.

One of the more interesting points of Leone’s latest update is his tease that audiences will follow Sienna’s journey to the end of the Terrifier franchise. Though this may not be a direct confirmation that the writer/director plans to end the horror series in the near future, it does at least indicate that he is already considering its longevity and where the story should ultimately draw to a close. Given he aims to take a horror genre risk by exploring Art’s origins, it would make sense to bring the Terrifier movies to a close sooner than later.

The other major reason Terrifier 4 would be a good ending point for the horror franchise is the shock value that’s made the films popular thus far. Much like the Saw franchise before it, Terrifier 2 became prominent for reports of making audiences sick with its gruesome violence, an aspect that can only carry future sequels so far before losing its draw. However, with Leone recently teasing that Terrifier 3 will be the scariest one yet, maybe he has just enough tricks up his sleeves to keep the franchise alive longer than some expect.

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