‘The Conjuring’ house is listed at $1.2M

‘The Conjuring’ house is listed at $1.2M

The horror film “The Conjuring” was said to be based on events that allegedly took place in a farmhouse in Rhode Island. This farmhouse, with 14 rooms and a total area of 3,109 square feet, is now up for sale with a listing price of $1.2 million. The house, built in 1836, features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. According to the listing, the current caretakers have reported numerous paranormal occurrences in the house. The property has served as inspiration for various books and movies, but it gained widespread fame through its portrayal in the 2013 horror hit “The Conjuring.”

“The Conjuring” depicts the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who reportedly investigated supernatural events that occurred at the secluded farmhouse in the 1970s. However, the movie was not actually filmed at the original house. Instead, a replica was built in southeastern North Carolina for the filming. Unfortunately, this replica house was damaged by flooding during Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The property in Currie, North Carolina, was solely used for capturing exterior shots for the movie.

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