The Speed Force: Energy Source of the Speedsters – Flash

The Speed Force: Energy Source of the Speedsters – Flash

We all know about the Flash. The Flash is the superhero in DCU who can run fast. There are many more people in DCU like Flash. That means there are many meta-humans who can run as fast as Flash. These meta-humans are called “Speedsters”. According to the principles of physics, running at such a high speed is an impossible task. If an object is to travel at such a speed, its mass must be incalculable small. That means Speedsters should loss mass. But Speedsters have mass so theoretically they should not be able to run as fast as Flash.

So how come they are running so fast? The answer for that is Speed Force.

As mentioned earlier that for an object to be able to travel at such speed, its mass must be incalculable small. But there is another way to get such a speed. The other way is to give it enough energy to get that high speed. But providing so much energy like this is practically impossible in the real world. Hence DCU created Speed Force as speedsters’ energy source. Speed Force dose things that are practically impossible to do.

The Speed Force is an inter-dimensional source of dark matter energy that provides a particular form of meta-humans known as Speedsters with their speed powers. It is also an elemental part of the universe.

Speed Force is a field of power that give powers to every speedsters. That means Speed Force is pretty much like a battery for Speedsters. Hence all speedsters’ power source is Speed Force (Not for all speedsters because there is another Speed Force called Negative Speed Force. Negative Speed Force represent totally opposite side of Speed Force). Not only this, with the help of Speed Force Speedsters able to do a lot of other things. These additional capabilities include time travelling, slowing of aging, rapid healing, movement through solid objects and also the Speedsters can feel where other Speedsters are (only who connected with the Speed Force. If any speedster connects with the Negative Speed Force, others cannot identify him).

As the result of the events of the “Anti-Monitor Crisis”, the speed force suffered from a critical energy disparity, eventually leading to its death, leaving all speedsters with limited powers and speed. Later Barry Allen and his team identified that the Speed Force still existed within Iris West Allen. Hence the Team Flash was ready to use that energy to revive the Speed Force. However they could restore the Speed Force again. Actually Speed Force is an elemental part of the universe. That means it never can disappear forever. So it can be restored if its energy source exists somewhere.

Speed Force is a vaguely explored concepts that seems to demonstrate consciousness and intelligence. It is able to communicate with the Speedsters using the form of someone they know.

And also the Speed Force has a section called “Time Wraiths” to punish those who travel through time and prevent other ways to harm the timeline. There is also a person in the Speed Force called “Black Flash” to hunt down dangerous people who travel through timeline.

flash time traveled
A Time Wraith attacking after the Flash time traveled.

How was the Speed Force created ?

In an alternative future 2180 – 2190, Eobard Thawne’s obsession for the Flash and his desire to be Flash led him to studying and unlocking the secrets of Speed Force over the years. However, finally he able to redesign the reaction that Flash had acquired, and from that Eobard became a meta-human Speedster with gaining speed power and the ability of travel through time by establishing a connection with the Speed Force. But after that he realizing that he was not a superhero like Flash, Eobard decided to become Flash’s rival and became “Reverse Flash”. He also created his own Speed Force, which was the totally opposite of the Speed Force created by the Flash.

Accordingly, the Speed Force created by Flash is called the “The Speed Force” and the Speed Force created by Eobard Thawne is called the “Negative Speed Force”. Anyway, Eobard was able to avoid being detected by other Speedsters with his Negative Speed Force and this allowed him to avoid the risk of being erased due to changes in the timeline.

After travelling back to 2000, Eobard Thawne lost connection with the Speed Force due to overtime travel. Because of this, Eobard plan was intended to reuse the Speed Force. Then he killed Harrison Wells and his soon to be wife, Tess Morgan. After that Eobard disguised himself as Harrison Wells. After fourteen years that incident happened, Barry Allen created the Speed Force and he gained a connection to the Speed Force by explosion of the Particle Accerator from S.T.A.R. labs created by Harrison Wells (Actually Eobard Thawne).

flash tv series
Eobard Thawne kills Harrison wells

The Speed Force is created when Barry is struck by lightning and receives powers. With each steps that Barry runs, the Speed Force grows up. In short, Barry is the engine that generates the electrical energy that makes up the Speed Force.

barry alan, flash tv series
Barry is sticking by lightning

I already have mentioned earlier that about the Negative Speed Force. Just like every coin has two sides, the Speed Force also has a bad side. It is called the Negative Speed Force. The Speed Force is made by Positive Energies and the Negative Speed Force is made by Negative Energies. And this Negative Speed Force was created by Eobard Thawne. So the Flash’s steps increase the Speed Force as well as Reverse-Flash’s (Eobard) every steps increase the Negative Speed Force.


Although the Speed Force is an intermediate dimensional source, it has proven to have its own personalities. It had took the form of several people Barry Allen knew and was close to, but mostly it had took the form of Nora Allen.

speed force
Speed force gets Nora Allen’s form

There are a lot of things to talk about the Speed Force, so see you soon in the next part.

Thank you.

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