You Won’t Be Alone: Everything You Need to Know

You Won’t Be Alone: Everything You Need to Know

The world has looked at witches as spell-casting, evil women, capable only of bloodshed and treachery. But what if we could move past the malicious facade and see these people for the humans that they also are, like the rest of us? You Won’t Be Alone is a story that explores the emotional journey of a witch and her discovery of humanity.

The plot follows a little girl in 19th century Macedonia, who is raised underground, away from civilization. She grows up with curiosity about other humans and their lives, which, one day, leads her into the nearby village where she accidentally kills a woman. Her intrigue only increases when she takes the shape of the dead woman and starts to experience life like normal humans but in other people’s bodies.

The horror drama movie is co-produced internationally and created by filmmaker, Goran Stolevski, who writes and directs the movie. You Won’t Be Alone is Stolevski’s feature directorial debut. He has previously created short films like You Deserve EverythingPicture of a Good Woman, and Would You Look at Her, which won the Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction at the 2018 Sundance Film FestivalYou Won’t Be Alone is produced by Kristina Ceyton and Sam Jennings.

You Won’t Be Alone sounds like the perfect next watch for those who love horror movies. But even if you don’t, the emotional journey of a young woman, that this movie aims to explore, might interest you. In either case, here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming supernatural horror movie and this guide can keep you updated about the same before you head to the theaters.

Watch the You Won’t Be Alone Trailer

You Won’t Be Alone – Official Trailer

In January, Focus Features, the production, and distribution company for You Won’t Be Alone, released the official trailer for the movie. The short, two-and-a-half-minute clip gives a menacing look at the plot and what you can expect from this dark and horrifying tale. The video opens with a pastoral landscape of 1800s Macedonia, where villagers are terrorized by a young witch.

The trailer also reveals her curse or supernatural power, which is her ability to shapeshift into the body of those she kills. Thus, she experiences life through different bodies. In the clip, we see the witch going through the full cycle of life, or what her mortal body would; love, abuse, violence, sexual pleasure, happiness, pain, and death. Her host body dies but she moves on to live in another body. Each of her host bodies is played by a different actor.

Overall, the trailer of You Won’t Be Alone is a peek into the emotional journey of a cursed young woman who seems to be destined to live like a monster. The video is a nice balance of drama and horror, with a deeper insight into the human desires of an outcast, and assures that this is going to be a powerful movie with a lot of sensitive but thought-provoking moments.

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When Is You Won’t Be Alone’s Release Date?

You Won’t Be Alone premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in January 2022. The movie was a part of the World Cinema Dramatic Competition. It is scheduled to release in theaters across the United States on Friday, April 1, 2022.

You Won’t Be Alone Movie Poster (2022)

What Is You Won’t Be Alone’s Story?

The official synopsis of You Won’t Be Alone, as released by Focus Features, reads:

“Set in an isolated mountain village in 19th century Macedonia, You Won’t Be Alone follows a young girl who is kidnapped and then transformed into a witch by an ancient spirit. Curious about life as a human, the young witch accidentally kills a peasant in the nearby village and then takes her victim’s shape to live life in her skin. Her curiosity ignited, she continues to wield this horrific power in order to understand what it means to be human.”

As a baby, Nevena is cursed by a witch and raised by her mother hidden from the world. She grows up to become a young woman, with a curiosity about the world around her, which she has never experienced. But she is feral and as dangerous as an animal. She ventures out to explore life as a regular human being, but only ends up terrorizing everyone. Her curse of shapeshifting soon takes over and she lives through the bodies of different people.

While You Won’t Be Alone is a supernatural horror story, it is also a story of transformation and transcendence that are essentially the deepest desire of humanity. It is a dark and horrifying tale of a witch but is also the emotional and psychological journey of a young woman in search of what it takes and means to be a human being, whether it’s through the body of a man, woman, or child. It is clear that she is searching for something in every form she takes. But whether it’s freedom or happiness or simply answers to her questions about life is what you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

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