Avatar 3: What to Expect from James Cameron’s Epic Sequel

Avatar 3: What to Expect from James Cameron’s Epic Sequel

In December 2022, we went back to the world of Pandora and continued the story of Jake Sully and his family in “Avatar: The Way of Water.” This sequel to “Avatar” took 13 years to make and was a big hit with both critics and audiences, making a lot of money at the box office. It also set the stage for more movies in the future, which will continue to explore Cameron’s captivating alien world.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait another 13 years for the next Avatar movie. The release date for Avatar 3 is surprisingly close, although there’s still a chance of delays. Avatar 3 has an even bigger cast, including more Academy Award winners, but they might be hard to recognize because they’ll likely be playing Na’vi characters. There’s a lot to look forward to in the next installment of the Avatar series, and it promises to be just as visually spectacular as the previous films. Here are the latest updates on Avatar 3 and everything you need to know about the third movie in the successful Avatar franchise, including what the story will be about.

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What Will Avatar 3 Be Called?

In 2018, BBC News reported the titles for all four of James Cameron’s Avatar sequels, long before Avatar 2 was released as “The Way of Water.” The report indicated that Avatar 3 would be titled “Avatar: The Seed Bearer,” followed by “Avatar: The Tulkun Rider” and “Avatar: The Quest for Eywa” for the subsequent sequels. However, while “The Way of Water” turned out to be the correct title for Avatar 2, the titles for the remaining sequels may not be as certain as they initially appeared.

The Plot

There haven’t been many updates about the story of Avatar 3, but the ending of “Avatar: The Way of Water” leaves some storylines that can be continued. Since Spider saved Colonel Quaritch from drowning, the movie’s antagonist is likely to keep seeking revenge on Jake in Avatar 3. This could lead to more trouble, especially because Quaritch will be extremely angry after the final battle in “The Way of Water.” Importantly, Spider saving his dad might create tension between him and his adopted family if they discover what he did.

The conflict between the Na’vi and the RDA is bound to intensify, and in Avatar 3, it’s possible that the RDA will come more prepared, posing a greater danger to Jake’s family. While Quaritch’s main issue is with Jake, the RDA has broader plans to colonize Pandora and make it suitable for more humans. This colonization will harm the planet’s native population and their land, leading to increased tension and hostility among the Na’vi, who have always fought to defend their people and their homeland.

Avatar 3 will introduce a new, DARKER CULTURE known as the ‘ASH PEOPLE’

In the previous movies, the stories focused on the native Na’vi people defending their home, Pandora, from human invasions. However, James Cameron, the director, has hinted at a new direction. He wants to change the narrative to show that there is both good and bad in every race. This means that the Na’vi, for the first time, will encounter challenges within their own community. There’s even a possibility of a civil war erupting over the planet’s resources.

In an interview with France’s 20 Minutes, Cameron has shared that Avatar 3 will introduce a new side of the Na’vi world, featuring a tribe that is less noble and more hostile. He mentioned that the film will explore “different cultures from those I have already shown,” and the ‘Ash People’ will represent the element of fire. Cameron’s goal is to depict the Na’vi from a different perspective because he has primarily portrayed their positive qualities in the previous films.

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In the first two films, the villains were clearly the human “sky people,” and it was the virtuous Omaticaya and Metkayina tribes who had to defend against them. However, in Avatar 3, the ‘Ash People’ will not only show a darker side of the Na’vi but also offer a look into new worlds. According to Cameron, this addition will bring out the most exciting parts of the entire story arc.

It’s been disclosed that Oona Chaplin, known for her role in Game of Thrones, will portray the leader of the “Ash People.”

The Cast

While some characters won’t be returning for the sequel, such as Jake and Neytiri’s eldest son who was killed in battle, the latest updates confirm that Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana will reprise their roles as Jake and Neytiri in Avatar 3. The film will also feature Sigourney Weaver, Britain Dalton, Trinity Jo-Li Bliss (playing Jake and Neytiri’s remaining children Kiri, Lo’ak, and Tuk), and Jack Champion as Spider. They will be joined by Stephen Lang as Quaritch, Kate Winslet as Ronal, Cliff Curtis as Tonowari, and Bailey Bass as Reya, all of whom played Metkayina members in “The Way of Water.”

Who is Kiri 

Brendan Cowell, Jemaine Clement, and Edie Falco are also set to make a return. Brendan Cowell’s character Mick Scoresby, previously believed to have died in Avatar 2, will reprise his villainous role in Avatar 3. Another addition to the villains’ lineup is Parker Selfridge, portrayed by Giovanni Ribisi, who had a cameo in Avatar 2 but will have a more significant role in Avatar 3. Additionally, the beloved character Tulkun Payakan is confirmed to return for the next Avatar movie.

Avatar 3
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Will Avatar 3 Introduce Any New Characters?

The cast of Avatar 3 will feature a range of new characters. Oona Chaplin is set to portray Varang, the leader of the Ash People, who will appear in the remaining three sequels. Michelle Yeoh, an Oscar winner for “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” will take on the role of scientist Dr. Karina Mogue in the third and subsequent Avatar films.

David Thewlis, a highly regarded British actor famous for his portrayal of Hogwarts’ werewolf professor Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter films, will play a significant role as Peylak, one of the Na’vi, not only in Avatar 3 but also in the fourth and fifth installments of the franchise.

Avatar 3 Release Date

The release date for Avatar 3 has been changed once again. Initially set for December 20, 2024, it has now been moved to December 19, 2025. This shift is not the first for Avatar 3, as there have been multiple delays in its release. These delays were caused by various factors, including production interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Director James Cameron aimed to have all five Avatar scripts ready before production began, even though one of them will never be made. These delays also allowed the visual effects team more time to work on the sequels. Avatar 3 was originally planned for a 2015 release, then 2020, and later settled on 2024. Currently, the Avatar 3 release date is scheduled for 2025.

Avatar 3
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