Six Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Breaking Bad’

Six Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Breaking Bad’

‘Breaking Bad’ is a series that has left an indelible mark on the minds of the viewers forever, second to none, no matter how many new TV series come out. After all, it can be to say that Breaking Bad is one of the greatest series ever created in the world. ‘Breaking Bad’ aired for five years from the first season of 2008 to the fifth season of 2012-2013. But popularity is still the same in 2021.

In this article we are going to talk about a few obscure facts instead of the usual information that everyone knows about ‘Breaking Bad’.  If you are a fan who watched ‘Breaking Bad’ like crazy, read on and see if you knew about this. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out ‘Breaking Bad’.

01. Why are there 62 episodes ? – ‘Breaking Bad Tv Series’

The Breaking Bad series has five seasons and 62 episodes. This number also has a special reason.

Samaria is the 62nd element in the periodic table. Samarium is used to treat lung cancer. Walter White first entered the crystal meth business in his 50s to raise money to cure his lung cancer. Throughout the series, his lung cancer plays an important role. But this Episodes 62 story can be just as surprising as in the real world Walter White story that was told earlier.

walter white and  Jesse Pinkma
Breaking Bad tv series wallpaper (credits by

02. Real Walter White and Heisenberg – ‘Breaking Bad Tv Series’

The main character is Walter White. Did you know that there is a Walter White in the real world? Formerly of Alabama, USA, Actually made of crystal meth, So one person in a lot of trouble was Walter White. But there is a very coincidental connection between this true story and the Breaking Bad series. Vince Gilligan, the founder of Breaking Bad, wrote Breaking Bad without knowing the real story. As the first season of this Tv series airs, this real Walter White has been building his success and building the drug kingdom.

Walter White on Breaking Bad appears under the name Heisenberg. Do you know who Heisenberg is? Introduced to the world the theory of quantum mechanics, lived in the 20th century, Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize-winning physicist. Walter White on the Breaking Bad is nicknamed Heisenberg after him.

walter white
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03. Symbols and colors – ‘Breaking Bad Tv Series’

Throughout the series, the designers have used different symbols and colors to intensify the occasion. One of the main ones is the use of purple in the clothes of Marie, a sub-protagonist, and around her house. Always we can see, Marie is wearing a purple dress. Also, the carpet, cushions, pillows and bedding in her house are mostly purple. It displays her character traits such as deceiving herself and judging others are intensified by this purple.

Also do you remember the pink and white teddy bear shown here from time to time? This teddy bear has a distorted form. Walter White, who in the beginning lived according to social norms as a very ideal character, had been changing his behaviors by slowly. so It had been used as a symbol of changed his behaviors.

breaking Bad symbols
Yellow coats, Breaking Bad (credits by

04. Number of deaths – ‘Breaking Bad Tv Series’

If you look from the beginning to the end of the this tv series, you can see a lot of unimaginable number of characters were died. According to Breaking Bad Fans, the total number of deaths in the series is 270. If you recall a few examples, Tuco, Thomas, Gale, Victor, Gus, Hector, Drew Sharp, Mike, Andrea, Lydia, Todd and others. This all died. Not only that, but also, Hank and Steve die unexpectedly, and so does Walter.

In addition to these actual deaths, the creators of this had planned more deaths which didn’t happen in the series. Vince Gilligan is planning to kill the second main character, Walter’s partner, Jesse Pinkman in the first season. But somehow Jesse is the only one left in the series at the end. Not only that, Vince Gilligan later created a film called “El Camino” using the character of Jesse in 2019.

breaking Bad wallpaper
Breaking Bad illustrator (credits by

05. Awards and Records

From the first season to the last, Breaking Bad has won a number of awards. Best Television Series, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Edition, For a number of awards, including Best Sound Administration They won 248 nominations and 92 awards over a five-year period. These include the Emmy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards and more. The Breaking Bad Series also set a Guinness World Record for the highest rated TV series on That rate is 99/100.

Breaking Bad awards
65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards ( credits by )

06. An alcohol business

The two main characters in Breaking Bad are Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, played by Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul. Despite the age gap, fighting all the time on the breaking bad, In real life, these two are best friends. It isn’t hard to imagine about their friendship, especially at an awards ceremony, when one person wins an award and the other person sees how happy the other person is. So in Breaking Bad, the two of them started and made drugs and sell them. and also they had started alcohol business in real life too. That is in 2019. The name of this business is “Dos Hombres Mezcal“.

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