Did The Simpons ‘Predict’ Missing Titanic Submarine?

Did The Simpons ‘Predict’ Missing Titanic Submarine?

Fans of The Simpsons believe that the popular animated show predicted the discovery of a missing submarine named Titanic. This claim is based on a 2006 episode of the show, which was created by Mike Reiss. Interestingly, Reiss had his own personal connection to the story, as he had previously taken a trip on the Oceangate sub, which was also missing at the time. In the episode, Homer Simpson’s estranged father, Mason Fairbanks, delivers a speech about their mission before embarking on their expedition. This episode has been highlighted as a remarkable coincidence by fans.

In the final moments of the episode, a warning light indicating low oxygen levels flashes, and Homer starts losing consciousness. As a consequence, Homer finds himself waking up in the hospital after being in a coma for three days, with his family by his side.

A lot of tweets are spreading rapidly, claiming that The Simpsons predicted this event. Take a look at these tweets:

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