Extraction 3: All we know so far

Extraction 3: All we know so far

Netflix has officially announced Extraction 3 following the success of Extraction 2, which had a very impressive opening weekend.

Extraction 2 surpassed The Mother as the most-watched Netflix movie debut in 2023, accumulating 88.4 million hours of viewing. The original Extraction continues to be one of Netflix’s most popular films, having accumulated 226.9 million hours of viewing. It remains to be seen if the sequel can achieve the same level of success.

Regardless of the outcome, it has been confirmed at Netflix’s TUDUM event on June 17 that Extraction 3 is in development. Chris Hemsworth will reprise his role as Tyler Rake, and Sam Hargrave will return as the director. Fans can look forward to another installment of the franchise.

Our suspicions were confirmed when the ending of Extraction 2 hinted at the possibility of a third movie. Idris Elba’s character recruits Tyler Rake (played by Hemsworth) for another mission, setting the stage for another thrilling and perilous adventure that will unfold in the next film.

When will Extarction 3 be Released on Netflix ?

Although Extraction 3 is confirmed to be in development at Netflix, there is currently no specific release date announced for the film. Director Sam Hargrave had previously mentioned that a story for a third movie was being developed, assuming the sequel would be successful, and it indeed proved to be.

“I can’t provide specific details at this time, but I have a strong belief that there is another exciting adventure waiting for Tyler Rake,” he teased.

Hopefully, the wait for the third movie won’t be too long since they have already been working on the story. However, it’s worth noting that the ongoing writers’ strike could potentially impact the development of the new movie.

While there was a three-year gap between the first Extraction movie, released in April 2020, and the sequel Extraction 2, released on June 16, 2023, it is unlikely that a third installment would take that long to release.

Releasing the third movie next year seems unlikely as it would be a quick turnaround. However, there’s a possibility that we might see it in early summer 2025. Of course, we would be pleasantly surprised if our prediction is proven wrong.

Extraction 3 cast

The announcement for the third movie confirmed that Chris Hemsworth will reprise his role as Tyler Rake.

While no other cast announcements have been made, it is anticipated that Golshifteh Farahani will return as Tyler’s partner Nik Khan in the third movie. However, her character’s brother Yaz, portrayed by Adam Bessa, will not be present as he was killed off in the sequel.

It is highly likely that Idris Elba’s mysterious character, Alcott, will also make a return in the third movie. The ending of the previous installment hinted that he has a significant role to play in the future of the series.

There is a possibility that Olga Kurylenko’s character, Mia, Tyler Rake’s ex-wife, might appear in future films. However, despite Tyler’s efforts to save her sister, Mia still seemed to have no interest in reconnecting with him.

What will Extraction 3 be About ?

While specific details about the plot of Extraction 3 have not been revealed yet, the groundwork has been laid through the ending of Extraction 2, indicating a clear direction for the upcoming film.

The sequel continues the story of Tyler Rake as he undertakes a challenging mission to rescue his ex-wife’s sister and her two children from the clutches of the Georgian mob boss, Davit Radiani. The mission involves a daring prison break that seems almost impossible to accomplish.

The extraction operation is a success, but the death of Davit infuriates his brother Zurab, who becomes determined to avenge him by hunting down Tyler. A thrilling pursuit ensues in Vienna, where Tyler confronts Zurab and ultimately kills him. However, their confrontation attracts the attention of the Austrian police, who arrive at the scene and arrest Tyler and his partner Nik.

Towards the conclusion of the movie, the mysterious character portrayed by Idris Elba returns and proposes a deal to Tyler and Nik. The offer is their release from prison in exchange for completing a task assigned by his boss. The identity of the boss and the nature of the mission are yet to be revealed. We’ll have to wait and see what unfolds.

In Extraction 3, the audience can expect to learn more about the upcoming challenging extraction mission that will test Tyler Rake’s skills as a soldier, aligning with the theme of the series. Additionally, this mission presents a chance for Tyler and Nik to grow closer and explore any potential romantic relationship between them.

In Extraction 3, we will likely be introduced to Alcott’s enigmatic boss and discover whether they will be an ally or a new antagonist for the team to face. Sam Hargrave mentioned in an interview with Collider that they have an idea of the character’s identity, but the casting for the role is still unknown at this point.

“You’ve seen two action-packed movies with Tyler Rake. How will the next one be even more intense? By just saying ‘He’s a tough and fearless person,’ it suggests that this new character is as capable as Tyler Rake. Now, I’m really interested and excited.”

He also said, “Who will play that role? That’s the exciting part about that line. It can attract talented and impressive actors who can bring that wild character to life.”

Any Extraction 3 Footage yet ?

Since Extraction 3 has recently been announced, we’ll need to wait patiently for some time before a trailer becomes available.

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