Tron 3 Cast Dahmer & AHS Star Opposite Jared Leto in Mystery Role

Tron 3 Cast Dahmer & AHS Star Opposite Jared Leto in Mystery Role

“Tron: Ares, the Highly-Anticipated Sequel to Tron: Legacy, Adds Dahmer and American Horror Story Actor to Cast Alongside Jared Leto”

Tron: Ares has included a Dahmer and American Horror Story actor in its expanding cast. The film, scheduled to start filming in August, will be directed by Joachim Rønning, known for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and the screenplay is written by Jesse Wigutow. Academy Award winner Jared Leto will play the lead role in this movie, marking the first installment in the Tron franchise since Tron: Legacy in 2010.

According to Cinematic World, Evan Peters has joined the cast of the upcoming Tron 3 in a role that has not been specified yet. Peters is known for his lead role in Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and his frequent appearances in American Horror Story. He also portrays Peter Maximoff, or Quicksilver, in the X-Men franchise. Recently, Peters had a significant role in Mare of Easttown, for which he received an Emmy award in 2021.

Why Tron 3 is the perfect post – Dahmer role for Evan peters

Having portrayed the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the popular Netflix series, Peters has expressed his desire to take a break from playing dark characters. It appears that he has found the chance to do so with Tron: Ares. Although the specific character he will be playing is undisclosed, the overall atmosphere of the Tron franchise is quite different from the intense nature of Monster created by Ryan Murphy. Therefore, even if Peters takes on a villainous role, it is expected to be less emotionally taxing to portray.

Tron: Ares marks a significant opportunity for Peters to enter a new film franchise after primarily achieving success in television. While there is a possibility of reprising his role as Quicksilver in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it remains uncertain how Disney intends to integrate the X-Men characters into their existing franchise. With Tron, Peters will have the chance to explore different creative avenues, both in terms of the tone of the project and the larger scale of the film itself.

Whether Tron: Ares can achieve enough success to warrant a sequel is uncertain. If it takes another ten years or longer for Tron 4 to happen, Peters may not be involved in future movies of the franchise. However, even if he only gets to be part of the Tron world once, it’s an important change for him to demonstrate his versatility in different genres and platforms.

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