Halyna Hutchins death by Prop Gun

Halyna Hutchins death by Prop Gun

By now you probably know about the danger that is being talked about all over Hollywood these days. That is, on October 21st, during the filming of Rust, a prop gun accidentally caught fire, and cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed.

On 21.10.2021, in New Mexico, USA, everyone was getting ready for the usual shooting of the movie Rust. Co-director Dave Hall handed a prop gun to lead actor Alec Baldwin during a shooting scene. Somehow Bradwin accidentally hits Revolver’s trigger. Well, because it’s a Prop Gun, it’s a revolver without any live rounds, so no one can be bothered.

But this time a bullet hits the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in the chest. Former director Joel Souza, who was close to Halyna, also suffered minor injuries. Only then will everyone know that the revolver had real live ammunition.

Halyna Hutchins, 42, was killed in the crash. She has contributed as a cinematographer to nearly 30 films.

Halyna Hutchins
Halyna Hutchins ( Credit by gettyimages.com )

Prop Guns – Halyna Hutchins death by Prop Gun

The guns used in the shooting scenes in the movie are called Prop Guns or Prop Firearms. The word “Prop” means Theatrical property. This means that when shooting a film, the word Prop is used for any object in the scene as a whole. The person in charge of these Props in a movie is called a Property master.

Usually, there is another person in charge of weapons like Props Guns, Prop knives, Prop swords, Prop bows. We call him Weapons master.

Types of Prop Guns

1. Real Guns – loaded with blank rounds instead of bullets

These are real guns. The only difference is the use of empty ammunition. These real guns are widely used in Hollywood movies.

Using these is very dangerous. If a real bullet is exchanged for an empty bullet, life can be lost. Due to such an incident, Halyna Hutchins lost her life on the 21st. Not only was that, but the cause of death of Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon Lee, was a similar mistake.

So why use real guns as Prop Guns when it’s so dangerous? There are several reasons for this.

There is no extra budget to add visual effects. If you buy fake guns, an extra budget will be added to the visual effects. The even bigger reason here is to give it a realistic feel. There is more realism in using a real gun like this than putting visual effects on a fake gun.

In the relevant scene in the movies, the real bullets are replaced by empty bullets. Therefore, this type of Prop Gun is mostly used in movies. But the fact that a real gun like this had empty bullets does not mean that it is 100% safe.

Imagine you were shot with an empty bullet. No bullets. That’s true. However, when the primer at the base of the ammunition is fired, the ammunition in the ammunition explodes and a stream of high-pressure hot air travels rapidly through the rifle. Because of the collision with that said high pressure. If you shoot close to the head, it will be feeling like a hit with a hammer. The intensity of this collision varies depending on the amount of Gunpowder in the different ammunition used.

Actor Jon Erik Hexum actually died in 1984 from something like this. He shot a prop gun like this at a movie scene at his head. Then, as mentioned above, due to the collision, his skull was fatally damaged and he died

Therefore, even real guns do not take close-up shots of a movie with empty bullets.

Halyna Hutchins
Jon Erik Hexum ( Credit by gettyimages.com )

2. Blank firing Guns

This is a gun that is similar to the shape of real guns which can only be fired with empty bullets. The bullets used in ordinary guns do not work for this. Also, there are special types of ammunition for this gun.

There is a barrier at the end of this gun to prevent accidents. But you can not get the Muzzle Flash, Light that you see when shooting from the bullets of a real gun with this gun.

The main thing this gun does is pick up the sound of gunfire. It is used various kinds of empty bullets with more gunpowder to make more noise.

Halyna Hutchins
Credit by www.wallpaperflare.com

3. Gun Replicas

These replacement guns can look exactly like real guns. There are many types of replacement guns. These are like toy guns. But it can look like everything you see in a real gun. This gun has Muzzle fires and lights that were not seen in the Blank Firearms we talked about earlier.

Ordinary ammunition filled with gunpowder is not used for this. So in terms of security, this gun is at the forefront. These guns are used squib to make the sound.

Then things like Muzzle Fire, Lights, and Smoke happen from a circuit in the gun. The circuit is powered by batteries. When the trigger is on, the sound comes from the squib and the rest of the circuit happens. But the mechanism of a real gun cannot be taken care of here.

Halyna Hutchins
Credit by www.wallpaperflare.com

4. Dummy/Toy Guns

Available in wood, plastic, and metal, all of which look similar to real guns. These inevitably add visual effects. Even so, the realistic level is very low. But sometimes there are scenes of guns in the movies but there are times when they are not shot. Prop Guns like this are used a lot for such scenes.

Halyna Hutchins
Credit by www.wallpaperflare.com

The first real guns are often used in Hollywood movies. But are they safe to use?

Dangerous. That’s why the Weapon master has deployed a specialized staff to look into this.

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