IT Chapter 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything

IT Chapter 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything

Are you guys waiting for the next sequels of one of the best supernatural horror film genres named IT Chapter 3? Then there is excellent news for you that it will get back soon to hit the screen again as it did in IT chapter 2. If you are one of them who rush to the theatres during the release of its first two chapters, then it will be more frightening for you to watch the next sequel of IT chapters.

According to rumors, The Third Chapter of the movie is going to be more horror than the previous Chapters of IT. The last two chapters were super hit in the horror film genre, that’s why the producers are now ready to invest in IT: Chapter 3.

Let’s grab the whole information about the movie, release date, expected plot, trailer, the actor, and everything about the next sequel.

Will There Be an IT Chapter 3?

The story of IT: Chapter 1 and IT: Chapter 2 was based on one of the best-selling novels by Stephen King, IT. The name of the movie was kept the same as the novel.

The novel was so long that it was really relevant to break it into two parts of the movie. At the end of IT: Chapter 2, the novel has also ended with the death of Pennywise. Now there is no story left in the novel to show, but Andy Muschietti, Director of IT movies indicated that he has more stories to tell.

IT Chapter 3

Firstly there were no plans for the third sequel, but the huge demand of the audience is insisting the filmmakers for making IT: Chapter 3.

Both sequels of the movie were super hit. So, now filmmakers are planning for the third sequel of IT, but nothing has been revealed officially yet.

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IT Chapter 3 Expected Cast

There were major cast changes in the first and second part of IT movies. So, does that mean a third season will have another group of actors? Well first of all the third part is not confirmed so there is no official lineup for the cast either. Which leaves us with no leads on the matter.

Moreover, the first two parts were based on the novels of Stephen King so we already knew which actors would star and about the new characters. As mentioned before the story has been summed quite well and nothing of substantial value is left to explore. So, the only way the franchise can now proceed is by adopting a completely new storyline or maybe it could tell us the origin! In that case yes the cast will definitely be different. But there is also a high chance of the same characters returning in IT Chapter 3 because after all the franchise got all its hype because of the spectacular cast. 

The return of the same cast also depends on whether the actors are available for filming or not. Then only a decision will be reached. Both of the previous parts have revolved around the Losers Club and their adventures. A third apart is also likely to go in the same direction. But if you’ve seen the last part of IT you must be aware of what went down in the movie. All of the friends in the Losers Club got killed! This means that there is no way through which the same cast can return in the third part. But yes Pennywise can be the lead in the third part which leaves space for Bill Skarsgard. But how will he be incorporated into a new part? Well, that is for the movie to tell! So, for now, all that we can do is wait. 


The story of IT Chapter 1 and IT Chapter 2 was based on the famous novel by Stephen King. The story of the novel ends with IT: Chapter 2, now in the new chapter you may watch the new story based on a similar crisis.

The plot and storyline are not revealed yet, but we can expect the story to revolve around the horrifying scenario created by Evil. Pennywise, is the dancing clown in the house of seven children in Maine. Hence the plot of chapter 3 will be as horrifying as the first two chapters.

Although it cannot be predicted as the novel has ended now and the story of the third sequel of the movie totally depends upon the director Andy Muschietti.

IT Chapter 3

IT Chapter 3 Expected Release Date

Andy Muschietti, the director of the IT movie, has yet to announce an official release date for the upcoming chapter. Although some internet conjecture claims that a big portion of the tale was already covered in the first two chapters, there isn’t much new material in chapter 3, therefore the sequel may be scrapped.

We can expect a third IT sequel from Warner Bros. due to the massive fan base. The first two installments of IT were released on the big screen during a two-year period.

However, many film reviewers expect that the third film of the IT franchise will be released no later than 2023. As a result, the third chapter is expected to be released in 2023. As a result, IT chapter fans will have to wait a little longer.

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