Live-Action Gargoyles Movie Reportedly In The Works

Live-Action Gargoyles Movie Reportedly In The Works

The love for the 1990s never seems to fade away. “Gargoyles,” a cartoon series that didn’t get as much attention as it deserved back then, might be getting turned into a live-action movie for today’s audience. And there’s a possibility that a famous actor or actress is already involved in the project. Exciting times ahead for “Gargoyles” fans!

After its original run, “Gargoyles” has been relatively quiet in the media landscape, except for an upcoming remaster of its classic video game. Over the years, the cartoon might have faded from the memories of many. However, this ’90s animated series had a distinct and intriguing premise. It followed a group of supernatural beings frozen in stone a millennium ago, only to be awakened in modern-day New York. While it may not seem extraordinary at first, “Gargoyles” captivated audiences with its mature tone and engaging storylines. Now, it appears that long-time fans of the show might finally get the recognition they’ve been hoping for.

Disney Gargoyles

Live-Action ‘Moana’

Is new live-action happening

There is an exciting new rumor making rounds that hints at the development of a live-action Gargoyles movie. According to reports, the film is said to be directed by Kenneth Branagh, a notable filmmaker from Northern Ireland, acclaimed for his work on movies like 2011’s Thor. While the initial rumor surfaced from Giant Freakin Robot, a source that has occasionally provided misleading or false information, the Belfast Telegraph has added some credibility to the speculations. As of now, these are still only rumors, but the growing buzz around them is generating hope among fans. Keep an eye out for further updates, as this could be promising news for “Gargoyles” enthusiasts.

Gargoyles: Plot

“Gargoyles” had its original run from 1994 to 1997 as part of Disney Afternoon programming. The show’s concept of stone creatures coming to life at night to safeguard the city was intriguing on its own, but what truly captivated the audience was its talented voice cast. The legendary Keith David lent his voice to the lead character, Goliath, while the late Ed Asner (known for portraying Carl in Pixar’s Up) voiced the gargoyle Hudson. The main cast also featured Jeff Bennett, Salli Richardson, and the iconic voice actor Frank Welker, all of whom contributed to the show’s memorable characters and immersive storytelling.

Who are behind Gargoyles Live-Action?

According to Polygon, it has been confirmed that Kenneth Branagh will direct a Gargoyles feature film, an idea that has been in discussions since the animated series was still producing new episodes. Initially, the concept for the movie was abandoned after the original series came to an end. However, in 2011, the writing duo of David Elliot and Paul Lovett (known for their work on “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”) were brought on board to write a new script for the movie adaptation.

Kenneth Branagh will direct a Gargoyles feature film. However, it’s unclear if Branagh will use Elliot/Lovett script or not. But we know for sure that it wasn’t Jordan Peele’s pitch for a Dark Gargoyles movie that was rejected by Disney.

Disney Gargoyles

Could The Series Cast Return?

As of now, it’s uncertain whether any of the original stars from the animated series will return for the live-action movie. It’s essential to emphasize that this is still just a rumor, although it appears to hold some credibility. Kenneth Branagh, known for his captivating performance as Hercule Poirot, has the potential to win the hearts of the audience once again, this time from the director’s chair. Fans who have eagerly waited for decades to see their beloved Gargoyles on the big screen are hopeful for a successful revival.

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