King of the Cartoon World: Mickey Mouse

King of the Cartoon World: Mickey Mouse

Cartoon characters have a special place among young children. But some cartoon characters are able to win the hearts of everyone, big or small. The character we bring to you today is such a character. There is hardly anyone who does not know the character of “Mickey Mouse” in this world. this has been abducted minds of all the child, young and also elderly as one.

Wearing red shorts, Wearing two large yellow shoes and two white gloves, this wonderful mouse is a legendary figure in the cartoon world. The idea for first appeared in 1928 in the mind of Walt Disney, the founder of the famous Disney Company. There is a wonderful story behind that.

Behind story about the Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney had to replace the then popular cartoon character ‘Oswald the lucky rabbit’ with another new cartoon character, because he had conflicted with its producer, Charles Mintz about the Oswald the lucky rabbit program. Oswald’s lucky rabbit was owned by Universal Studios at the time, as well as the character. So Disney took a decision to leave and open a separate Walt Disney studio. this decision changed whole life of Walt Disney.

One of Disney’s greatest strengths on that journey was the presence of the talented cartoonist ‘Ub Iwerks’ with him.  Disney and Ub decided to create a more popular cartoon character than Oswald the lucky rabbit, and Ub was responsible for turning it into a cartoon. From the day it clashed with Universal Studios, Disney had decided that the character should be a different kind of animal character.

Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney (Credit by –

UB created a number of cartoon characters for it, including the characters of dogs and cats, but none of them managed to bring a smile to Disney’s darkened face. Like a cow, a horse and strange frog was rejected by Disney. However, those characters later came to the attention of the audience as Went cartoon characters.

Disney’s eyes lit up as he contemplated the humiliation and design of the new cartoon character, Disney in his office room thinking about the new cartoon character. then he saw a little mouse coming out of a hole in the room and that time Disney’s eyes lit up. Moments later, the discussion between Ub and Disney ended with some agreement on their latest creation.

How they chose a name for new character

Since Ub turned some of Disney’s sketches into cartoons, he also owns the rights to create Mickey Mouse. They first named this latest cartoon character as “Mortimer Mouse”. But that name only lasted until Disney’s wife’s ear. According to Lillian Disney, the name of the latest mouse character was immediately changed to “Mickey Mouse”. The Mickey part that led to the Mortimer Mouse becoming Mickey Mouse came from Mickey Rooney, a close friend of the Disney family at the time and a popular actor. Rooney later confirmed that Disney had once told him that.

The first Mickey Mouse was different from the Mickey Mouse we see today, and before it became the current character, it passed the tables of a number of cartoonists. Mickey’s main identity is a pair of big ears and other special identity is it has four fingers on his hand. Disney wanted to make the Mickey Mouse character creative but simple, and it is also easy to do with the Mickey Mouse animation.

( Credit by – )

The Mickey Mouse became world famous character

Mickey Mouse first appeared in the 1928 short film “Steamboat Willie”. It has also gone down in history as a pioneering creation after the soundtrack came to the cartoon world. After that Mickey Mouse became extremely popular and in a short period of time a number of films containing that character were made. It is said that more than 130 Mickey Mouse movies have been made so far.

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There are also a number of artists who provided the voice for the character of Mickey, and it is noteworthy that Walt Disney himself initially voiced Mickey for the character. Many leading voice actors have contributed so far, and Bret iwan‘ currently provides the voice of Mickey Mouse.

‘Bret iwan‘ Current Voice Artist ( Credit by –

Ten of Mickey Mouse’s films to date have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, and in 1942, This movie won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for his film ‘lend a paw‘.

Walt Disney at the 26th Academy Awards ( credit by – )

Mickey was later joined by a girlfriend named Minnie Mouse and a dog named Pluto. The cartoon characters Donald Duck and Goofy later became friends with Mickey in later movies, making the Mickey character a fond memory among fans.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto ( credit by – )

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