The Hidden story of “Black Panther”

The Hidden story of “Black Panther”

The comics of the superheroes in the Marvel Universe were once loved by comics fans in many countries, including the United States. Films have been made based on these comics since a few years ago. Those films were also embraced by the people with great love. Black Panther is a another movie produced by Marvel. Directed by ‘Ryan Kugler’ , the film stars ‘Chadwick Bosman’ as the Black Panther, or Prince ‘T’challa’. The character of Black Panther, the first black superhero in the Marvel comics universe, first appeared in a movie as a member of the Iron Man team in the 2016 film Captain America – Civil War. You can also see the Black Panther character in the movie “Avengers – Infinity War” and “Avengers – Endgame”.

A scene from the movie "Black Panther"
A scene from the movie “Black Panther” –

Black Panther is a $ 200 million movie that has been screened in many countries, attracting worldwide attention and love. This film had earned $1.348 billion with 7.3 IMDb rating. Audiences were so impatient until the film’s release that almost all of its tickets had sold out since before the film’s release. In this article is brought to you the story you did not know about the Black Panther or the Crown Prince of Wakanda.

The arrival of the ‘Black Panther’

This character first appeared in Marvel comics in 1966. It is in the “Fantastic Four” series of comics. Two years later, in 1968, the Panther character was named a member of the Marvel Universe “Avengers” superheroes, and fans were able to see Black Panther in the Avengers comic books. But it was not until 1977 that a comic book dedicated to Black Panther came to the fore.

Black Panther
A scene from the movie “Black Panther” –

Prince of ‘Wakanda’

Many fans who know about the characters in the Marvel universe think that the richest member of the Avengers team is Tony Stark or Iron Man. But Jack Kirby, co-founder of the Panther character, says Black Panther is the richest member of the Avengers team. This is because the Panther or T’chala is the crown prince of the African land of Wakanda. Wakanda is an African country that has never been under the influence of any empire, has never been a colony of any powerful state, is independent, and is separate from other kingdoms.

. Wakanda is the only African country that has been conquered by various imperialists from time to time. The other specialty of Wakhanda is that it is a highly technologically advanced state. T’chala succeeded King T’chaka as king of Wakanda.

Black Panther film
A scene from the movie “Black Panther” –

The people of Wakanda have become the most technologically advanced country in the world, making their country prosperous with their natural resources and technological know-how because no country has exploited its natural resources. The most valuable element of the Wakanda people is the element called “Vibranium” (if you are an avid Marvel fan, you will remember something as soon as you say the word “Vibranium”. Captain America’s shield had been made by vibranium). By watching this movie, you will be able to understand how Panther’s motherland connects with other characters in the Marvel universe, including the Avengers team.

Super power

Panther also claims super speed with extremely accurate senses. He is also an extremely strong and energetic superhero. Tchala gets these super powers through a combination of a plant with his talent, divine power, and Ayurvedic power.

black panther Characters
Black Panther movie wallpaper, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan –

The need for a “black” superhero

The Comics Journal had made interview with, Jack Kirby co – founder of The Panthers, , published in February 1990, he said that he was motivated to create such a character because there was no opportunity for a black superhero in marvel comics. “My comics are read by a large number of black fans. Also, the first friend I ever met in my life was a black man! But for a long time I ignored them and felt like I was just associating with other people. ” He had told the magazine. That’s how a black superhero entered the Marvel universe in 1966.

Chadwick bosman
Chadwick Bosman, lead actor in “Black Panther” –

The social task of the Black Panther

The year 1966 was a time of racism in America. The addition of a black superhero to the cartoons marked a major social and political transformation in a time when protests against the treatment of black Americans as second-class citizens, and the government’s pressure to make various policy changes. The imaginary land of Wakanda is able to spread the message to the whole world what a black state will look like. There is also an opinion that Wakanda is very similar to Ethiopia. So the this movie could be used as an answer to America’s racist ideas that are still burning under the ashes.

There will be Black Panther 2 in 2022

Unfortunately Chadwick Boseman who acted as Panther in the movies had died in 2020 due to cancer. But Marvel had officially announced that they are producing another Black Panther movie in 2022. But it doesn’t say until yet what will do for Black Panther Actor.

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