Practical Magic 2: The Witches Are Back!

Practical Magic 2: The Witches Are Back!

Practical Magic 2: “Practical Magic” is a popular movie loved by many. It’s a romantic comedy released in 1998, adapted from Alice Hoffman’s book from 1995. The film follows two sisters, Gillian and Sally Owens, played by Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. They belong to a family of strong witches and desire love in their lives. However, a curse from their ancestors makes them fearful that any man they love will meet a tragic fate.

After facing unfortunate events, Gillian and Sally have to use their magical abilities to permanently break the curse. “Practical Magic” received a low 21% Tomatometer score from Rotten Tomatoes, but audiences rated it much higher at 73%. Over time, the movie has developed a devoted fan base, and now a prequel is in the works.

In 2018, Alice Hoffman wrote a book called “Rules of Magic.” It’s a story that happens before the famous tale of Gillian and Sally. Now, they’re turning this story into a TV show. This means people will get another opportunity to learn about the history of the Owens family.

Practical Magic 2 Release Date

For a long time, fans of the beloved movie “Practical Magic” have been excitedly waiting for a sequel. The good news is that the wait is now over! “Practical Magic 2” has been confirmed, and fans are thrilled to see what adventures the Owens sisters have in store. The film is scheduled to be released in late 2023 and will bring back some familiar faces, like Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, from the original cast.

Even though there’s limited information about the film’s storyline, fans are already guessing what magical adventures the Owens sisters will have this time. Since people all over the world still love the first movie, they are very excited and can’t wait for “Practical Magic 2” to come out.

What Is “Rules of Magic” About?

“Rules of Magic” is a story inspired by Alice Hoffman’s book from 2018, sharing the same title. The book acts as a prequel to her popular novel “Practical Magic,” which gained fame in 1995. According to Variety, the story centers around three young siblings named Franny, Jet, and Vincent Owens. These children possess peculiar abilities, making them different from others and leading them to be isolated from the outside world.

The three siblings are unaware of their magical heritage, but they come from a long line of witches. As they grow and discover their powers, they must come to terms with their magical destinies. While the outcomes for Franny and Jet are known, their brother’s fate will result in an “unexpected legacy” that remains a mystery for now.

The series will take place in New York City during the 1960s, and it’s likely to explore the intriguing changes in culture during that era. While there are no other plot details available yet, viewers can look forward to Melissa Rosenberg’s skill in creating captivating antagonists, as demonstrated by David Tennant’s portrayal of Kilgrave in “Jessica Jones.” So, “Rules of Magic” will probably present some exciting challenges for its main characters to overcome.

While we wait for more information about “Rules of Magic,” we can eagerly anticipate its release on HBO Max. It’s exciting to see what magical adventures and mysteries await us in the series!

Who’s Going to Be Back on the Cast List?

As of now, the cast for “Rules of Magic” has not been officially announced. However, it’s been revealed that younger versions of Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest will portray the aunts from “Practical Magic.” Both actresses played the roles splendidly in the 1998 movie. Additionally, Vincent, the brother of aunts Frances and Jet, will also be included in the story.

Hollywood doesn’t always prioritize physical similarities when casting siblings. As demonstrated in the “Gossip Girl” reboot, HBO Max often opts for fresh, unknown talents for their original shows. So, there’s a possibility that “Rules of Magic” will introduce us to new and exciting actors to portray the Owens siblings. We’ll have to wait and see who they choose to bring the magical world of the Owens family to life!

It seems that “Practical Magic” won’t be directly connected to the series, but there’s a chance that Nicole Kidman or Sandra Bullock could make a brief appearance for fun. These famous actresses are big stars in Hollywood, and it would be delightful to see them revisit their romantic comedy roots in the new show.

How many practical magic books are there?

The Practical Magic series consists of four books.

Why is Practical Magic so different from the book?

The book takes place in a suburb. In the book, the Aunts are seen as being more distant. Also, there is more about what the Aunts do for the local women. In the book, more attention is paid to how important it is for Sally to be normal.

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