“Silver Surfer” Special Presentation Rumored To Be Development For Disney+

“Silver Surfer” Special Presentation Rumored To Be Development For Disney+

In a recent development, Marvel Studios debuted its first “Special Presentation” on Disney+, titled “Werewolf By Night.” This unique release is a single extended episode that falls between the duration of a typical Disney+ series episode and a full-length movie.

There are rumors going around that Marvel Studios will be making more “Special Presentation” episodes on Disney+. They recently released the “Werewolf By Night” episode, which is longer than a regular episode but shorter than a movie. It’s cheaper for Disney to produce these specials compared to full series or movies. With Disney+ already established and learning from their previous releases, we can expect to see more specials in the future. The next big Marvel release on Disney+ will be the “Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special,” which will have a similar format.

There are reports of a new “Special Presentation” in the works based on the character “Silver Surfer.” In the Marvel universe, Silver Surfer serves as Galactus’ herald, searching for planets for Galactus to devour.

As per The Cosmic Circus, the “Silver Surfer” special will take place in outer space rather than on Earth. It will be a standalone story and won’t feature any existing cosmic characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to reports, the “Silver Surfer” special draws inspiration from Netflix’s “The Sandman” but with a cosmic twist. It is rumored to be released a few months prior to the “Fantastic Four” film, which is scheduled for February 2025. The release order suggests that the special may play a role in establishing Galactus as the main villain in the “Fantastic Four” movie. However, it’s important to note that Marvel’s plans are subject to change.

The Silver Surfer has been in a movie called “Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer” made by a company called 20th Century Studios. This movie is available for streaming on Disney+ in many countries.

Please note that Marvel has not made an official announcement about a “Silver Surfer” Special Presentation for Disney+. Therefore, it is important to consider this information as a rumor until further confirmation is provided.

Would a “Silver Surfer” Special Presentation be suitable for Disney+?

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