“I was bleeding from every orifice”: Jackie Chan Required Brain Surgery After Terrifying Accident Almost Killed Him

“I was bleeding from every orifice”: Jackie Chan Required Brain Surgery After Terrifying Accident Almost Killed Him

Jackie Chan’s worldwide popularity stems from his exceptional martial arts skills and his unique blend of comedy and action. His dedication to his craft and willingness to perform his own stunts have been instrumental in his success. However, the demanding nature of his work has occasionally resulted in serious injuries for both himself and other film stars.

Chan, renowned for his daring stunts and action sequences, has faced numerous incidents and accidents throughout his acting journey. In his book, “Never Grow Up,” the star of “The Karate Kid” recounted a particularly harrowing experience that left him deeply frightened.

Jackie Chan Recalled The Horrific Incident in His Book

During his career, Jackie Chan has endured numerous injuries, and one particular incident during the filming of the 1986 movie “Armor of God” left him genuinely afraid for his life. In this incident, Chan had to jump off a tree branch for a scene. Despite not being satisfied with the first two takes, he decided to attempt a third take. Unfortunately, the branch broke, causing him to fall and strike his head on a rock, resulting in blood coming out from various parts of his body and creating a hollow spot on his forehead.

Jackie Chan recounted the terrifying aftermath of the head injury he sustained while filming. He described how blood started gushing from his nose, ears, and mouth immediately after the impact. He was quickly taken to the hospital, but even during the journey, his ear continued to bleed, and blood flowed from his nostrils. The sensation of gurgling in his throat heightened his fear, as it is often associated with life-threatening situations. The severity of his condition prompted doctors to urgently perform surgery after assessing him at the hospital.

Jackie Chan Went Through a Brain Surgery

In his book, Jackie Chan revealed that he was bleeding profusely from every orifice while en route to the hospital, and he feared for his life. Medical professionals immediately scheduled him for urgent brain surgery after assessing his condition.

Fortunately, the surgery was successful, and Chan remarkably returned to the film shoot within a week, surprising the crew with his swift recovery. However, he continues to experience pain from the incident. This was not the only time Chan persevered through a serious injury without giving up.

During the filming of “Rumble in the Bronx” in 1995, Jackie Chan broke one of his ankles in an action sequence. Rather than taking time off to allow it to heal, he opted to customize a cast that resembled a shoe. This allowed him to continue filming and perform his stunts despite the injury.

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