Rambo 6: All we know so far

Rambo 6: All we know so far

Rambo 6: While John Wick currently holds the title of the ultimate lone assassin in the entertainment industry, it was Rambo who first emerged as the formidable force in 1982 with ‘First Blood.’ Over three decades later, in 2019, John Rambo prepares for his fifth adventure, supposedly his final one as indicated by the title ‘Last Blood.’ However, despite the director’s strong assertion that this fifth installment aims to “bring closure” to Rambo’s narrative and serve as a fitting conclusion to the franchise, it is always uncertain whether this mercenary will truly bid farewell.

The leading figure of the franchise, Sylvester Stallone, who is also a force to be reckoned with off-screen, expressed his desire to continue portraying Rambo as long as the films remain successful. The fifth installment carries the weight of determining the future, which is why we find ourselves at this point. If all else fails, there is always the option of exploring prequels or spinoffs, a commonly employed approach in many franchises. In the following discussion, we will delve into these possibilities and more. Please continue reading.

Rambo: Last Blood Plot Summary

Rambo 6

In the upcoming sequel slated for release, John Rambo will return to the United States to confront the haunting memories of his past when his niece is abducted by the Mexican cartel. Determined to rescue his niece and seek justice, Rambo embarks on a solo mission to Mexico, taking on the cartel and targeting their leader, all while ensuring the safety of his family. The fifth installment of the franchise was designed as a gritty western, evident in its clear influences from the movie ‘Logan,’ as confirmed by the director. With ‘Last Blood,’ the aim is to provide a fitting conclusion to Rambo’s five-film saga.

Rambo 6 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The ‘Rambo’ franchise has been around since a time when studios were still discovering the enormous commercial potential of creating a series of films based on a popular property. It predates the widespread trend of turning successful properties into long strings of sequels, eventually leading to the establishment of interconnected universes. In this regard, Rambo’s history has been somewhat uneven. The first three films were released at relatively regular intervals, with ‘First Blood’ in 1982, followed by ‘First Blood: Part II’ in 1985, and ‘Rambo III’ in 1988, effectively concluding the trilogy.

After a hiatus of 20 years, the franchise was revived in 2008, with Sylvester Stallone personally taking charge by directing the film himself. This installment is often considered the best in the entire franchise. Eleven years later, the ‘Rambo’ films portray an older version of John Rambo, but one who remains resilient and unyielding. The trailer for the fifth film, accompanied by the tune of ‘Old Town Road,’ showcases Rambo in impressive physical shape as he single-handedly takes down hordes of adversaries, aided by cleverly devised traps and his cherished dagger.

The ‘Rambo’ franchise has generally received mixed reviews from critics, with the exception of the first and fourth films, which were better received. However, despite the critical reception, the franchise has managed to generate respectable profits, accumulating a total worldwide collection of $727 million. This financial success is noteworthy, considering the franchise’s longevity spanning over 37 years. The second film stands out as the most financially successful, grossing a remarkable $300 million internationally. However, the franchise has experienced a decline in terms of box office performance since then.

It is reasonable to suggest that the future of the franchise will largely depend on the success of the fifth installment. Despite having a dedicated fanbase that continues to support the films, it does not necessarily guarantee significant financial returns. The fourth film, for example, earned only $113 million worldwide, indicating that there may be a disparity between public support and actual theater attendance. Although Sylvester Stallone enjoys a loyal fanbase, it remains uncertain whether the audience will actively engage in watching the ‘Rambo’ films in theaters.

The early reviews for the fifth film paint a similar picture, with a current Rotten Tomatoes score of a disappointing 37%. It’s worth noting that only a fraction of the reviews have been submitted thus far. Many criticisms of the film revolve around its depiction of Mexico and Mexicans, its weak storyline, and an excessive amount of gratuitous violence that lacks narrative significance. If the reviews are indicative of the overall reception, it might be an indication that it’s time for the franchise to come to a close if the box office results, both domestically and internationally, do not meet expectations.

If a sixth installment of the film were to materialize, it could take either the form of a direct sequel or a prequel, as suggested by Stallone himself. In the case of a direct sequel, it might not allow for a significant time jump like the eleven-year gap seen in ‘Last Blood’. Given Rambo’s visibly aged appearance, the film, if made, would likely be set within the next two to three years, reflecting real-time progression. Alternatively, the prequel route could be explored, as Stallone has expressed interest in delving into a story set even before the events of ‘First Blood’, before the Vietnam War, which is often regarded as a crucial turning point in shaping John Rambo’s character.

Stallone’s statement indicates his enthusiasm for exploring a prequel and delving into the younger years of Rambo’s life. He envisions a portrayal of Rambo as a remarkable individual—captain of the team, popular in school, and an exceptional athlete—before the war altered him. Stallone’s evident willingness for future movies to continue suggests his desire to see the franchise persist, irrespective of his own age or involvement in the cast. This sentiment may even pave the way for potential spin-offs similar to the ‘Creed’ series. The possibility of a ‘Creed’-like spin-off does seem plausible considering Stallone’s willingness to expand the ‘Rambo’ universe.

Rambo 6 Cast: Who Could Be In It?

Given the substantial time gap of eleven years between the fifth film and ‘Last Blood,’ it’s expected that the cast for the latter consists mostly of new members, with Sylvester Stallone being the consistent presence. In the case of a direct sequel, it seems unlikely that any other cast members from ‘Last Blood’ would reprise their roles, particularly the antagonists, considering the high number of casualties inflicted by Rambo in that film. The narrative and character progression would likely call for fresh faces and new dynamics within the cast.

Rambo 6 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

Indeed, the Rambo film series does not adhere to a strict timeline, with each subsequent installment’s production often contingent on the financial success of its predecessor. If a sixth film were to be made as a direct sequel, it would need to be developed and released within the next two years for practical reasons. However, if the decision is made to explore a prequel storyline, the timeline for its release could extend to anywhere between the next two to five years, depending on Stallone’s involvement and, crucially, the performance of ‘Last Blood’ at the box office. Considering these factors, even with the most optimistic estimates, a release of Rambo 6 in 2023 or 2024 appears unlikely.

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