Joker 2: Release Date, Plot, and Everything we know

Joker 2: Release Date, Plot, and Everything we know

In Joker 2, Joaquin Phoenix returns as the Joker alongside Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn.

The Joker is one of the most enduring and memorable characters in comics, TV, and film. He’s been played many times to iconic standing by the likes of Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, and Heath Ledger. Another actor to give the character a spin to excellent, Oscar-winning results was Joaquin Phoenix in 2019’s surprise hit Joker. The Todd Phillips-directed character study pulled in a cool billion dollars worldwide while somehow pulling off the trick of making the reviled villain sympathetic.

While the DC Universe is currently in a transitional period, the comic book brands’ Elseworlds stories are as hot as ever. One of the most popular examples of this was 2019’s Joker which saw Joaquin Phoenix take on the iconic clown prince of crime, to much critical praise. Its sequel Joker: Folie à Deux is set to hit theaters in 2024 and has been filming in New York City for the last number of weeks. Now director Todd Phillips has confirmed that the sequel has finished shooting.

Philips took to his Instagram to share the exciting news. He wrote, “That’s a wrap. Thanks to these two (+ the entire cast) and the BEST crew that the film industry has to offer. From top to bottom. Gonna crawl into a cave now (edit room) and put it all together.” The two in question were of course Phoenix and Lady Gaga who will make her debut as Harley Quinn in the sequel. Various set photos have hyped up her villainess role, but Phillips accompanied the post with a new official image of Gaga looking like the character has seen better days.

Lady Gaga is officially playing Harley Quinn

Joker: Folie à Deux Will Be a Musical

While there’s still not a lot known about the plot at this time, it has been said by Phillips that Joker 2 will be a “full-blown musical” and Gaga can be heard singing in recent footage taken outside the set. This is sure to distinguish the sequel from its Taxi Driver crime thriller-inspired original. With Joker ending with the author at Arkham State Hospital after his anarchy fuel rampage through Gotham City, Joker: Folie à Deux looks to be taking influence from the comic book storyline Mad Love.

This was Harley Quinn’s origin story where she was an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker. Throughout their on-and-off relationship throughout Quinn’s 30-year history, the pair of villains have shared a ton of musical moments together, so it’s going to be interesting to see how Phillips brings that genre style into this film. Joker‘s Hildur Guðnadóttir also returns as the composer for Folie à Deux, so the music for the sequel is certainly in good hands.

Joker 2

Joker 2 cast

Joaquin Phoenix is, of course, back as Arthur Fleck, aka Joker, but let’s wait and see if the sequel will win him another Oscar.

As mentioned above, Lady Gaga has joined the film as Harley Quinn. She is the Worlds of DC’s second Harley Quinn after Margot Robbie, but remember that Joker takes place in a separate timeline to the likes of Suicide Squad.

“It’s such an honor to have built a foundation strong enough that Harley can now be one of those characters that other actors get to have a go at playing, and I think she’ll do something incredible with it,” Robbie said of the casting.

We got our first official look at Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn on Valentine’s Day 2023 before set photos started to be released in March 2023.

Joining the cast are Industry‘s Harry Lawtey in a key but the unconfirmed role, as well as Get Out‘s Catherine Keener, Maze Runner‘s Jacob Lofland, and Banshees of Inisherin star Brendan Gleeson in undisclosed roles as well.

Zazie Beetz is set to return as Sophie, but it’s not yet clear if Douglas Hodge and Dante Pereira-Olson will be back as Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne, respectively.

Joker 2 title: What does Joker Folie A Deux mean?

Folie à Deux is the French phrase for a “madness of two” or shared psychosis, referring to a “delusion or mental illness shared by two people in close association” and is used commonly in English, too, to describe this particular kind of mental illness.

From the title, we can predict that Arthur Fleck’s fractured psyche will once again be explored on screen, though it may also mean that a second protagonist will come into play as a real second person with whom Joker shares his plans.

It’s likely that if we’re right, then it’s Harley Quinn who will be sharing Arthur’s delusion or mental illness in the sequel.

We have our feelings about how Joker dabbled – poorly – in mental-illness stereotypes and can only hope that the sequel does better.

When will Joker 2 be released?

Joker: Folie à Deux is scheduled to be released in theaters on Oct. 4, 2024.

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