The 08 Most Popular Comic Superheroes Created in the Last 100 Years

The 08 Most Popular Comic Superheroes Created in the Last 100 Years

Although comic books are famous for many things, at the heart of it all is a simple background. It doesn’t matter if we look at the books of the West, science fiction, horror, or superheroes, evil against good is always found. In all of that, there are two types of characters, the heroes and the villains.

In the production of comic books over the decades, there were many more heroes than we could count. Most of those comic characters are rooted in popular culture.

If we sit down to think about the most popular superheroes ever created, who do you think will come up on the list? Superman? The batman? Captain America? Iron Man?

Here are the 08 most popular comic superheroes created in the last 100 years.

 01. Superman – Most Popular Comic superhero

Superman is arguably the most powerful superhero ever created. He is the epitome of all good in the world and reminds us that evil can be defeated. His qualities are second to none. He stands for what is right and remains steadfast in his faith. Most importantly, he is a voice for injustice. There are very few places in the world that do not know who Superman is.

His red and blue outfits are more than just a skin-friendly combination of healthy goodness. The dress suggests that the world is a better place as long as he wears it.

SUPERMAN ( Credit to )

02. Wolverine – Most Popular Comic superhero

We all know The Wolverine who can take claws from hands. We all love his behaviors like quick anger, gifted fighter, a beer drinker. Well, everything except beer can be an exaggeration. But that is not the point. Wolverine is one of the most famous Canadian heroes ever created. He surpasses Windiketer, Saskatchewan, and every other member of Alpha Flight tenfold. And for good reason.

With the exception of Charles Xavier, he is the face of X-Men, and for a good period of 17 years, Fox has the right to vote with one hand. Few compete for his popularity. As such, he is clearly a lock on the list of the most popular comic superheroes. Mr. Hugh Jackman the classic Marvel Comics character Wolverine to life in the “X-Men” movie series. and also he had the Guinness world record for this character as having the longest career as a live-action superhero.

WOLVERINE ( Credits to )


03. Batman – Most Popular Comic superhero

Even after decades of writing subplots and dubious decisions, Batman’s place on this list of popular comic superheroes is undeniable.

From the dark lanes of Gotham City emerged the most revered and beloved hero ever created. That is Batman. As Superman says in the “book”, Batman “needs it anyway”.

What makes Batman an interesting and well-liked character is who he is. He does justice like Superman. He, unlike Superman, is not afraid to push the boundaries to find the truth. And he moral up other heroes too. He has a moral compass and does not kill to prove his point, so do not think he is a murderer.

BATMAN – the dark night returns ( Credit to )

04. Spider-Man – Most Popular Comic superhero

Steve Ditko and Stan Lee created Spider-Man, Marvel’s most popular hero…

Steve and Stan wanted to create a new superhero among ordinary people who face everyday problems. As a result of this, they created “Spider-Man”. However, the Spider-Man character was famous among all people in the world. As a result of such a famous, there were produced few Spider-man movies. all of those have become very famous. Spider-man was cast by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland in those movies.

SPIDER-MAN ( Credit to )


05. The Wonder Woman – Most Popular superhero

Wonder Woman, the third in DC’s “Big Three”, raised hopes around the world that girls would be heroes too.

Wonder Woman has shaped not only as a very popular hero but also as a highly respected hero from her early days to the present day. She has battled with DC’s best ones in Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, The Flash and Superman proved that she is worth more than anything.

In a world dominated by male superheroes in the comic book landscape, Wonder Woman has paved the way if not the most popular comedy superhero of all time.

wonder woman
WONDER WOMAN ( Credit to )

06. Captain America – Most Popular Comic superhero

If Superman DC’s infallible hero, Captain America is Marvel’s.

Steve Rogers is a national symbol of hope, freedom, and justice. He has led Marvel’s most powerful team, Avengers, for most of his existence and has done so easily. The arrival of Captain America draws the attention of everyone around him.

When he “dies,” there is the reason for the world to pay attention. The public outcry that DC did with Superman caused an unheard-of media uproar about his death. Captain America is as endearing as any Marvel hero and it transforms very well onto the big screen.

If not for some other reason he saves hope when there is no hope, Captain America is by far the most popular comedy superhero ever created.

captain america

 07. Thor – Most Popular Comic superhero

Partly because of his appearance at MCU, Thor has become one of the most recognizable and popular hero in comic books. Thor has been one of my favorites for a long time. He is an Asgardian god, with immense power, who can fly, and who speaks with lightning. If Captain America’s arrival is honored, the outcome of Thor’s battle will change, no matter which side he is on. He had no reason to stand out from both the Civil War comic book and the MCU version.

Saying that Chris Hemsworth wants to stay at MCU will surely increase Thor’s popularity.

Thor, comic
THOR ( Credit to )

08. Hulk – Most Popular superhero

The Hulk has as much history as any Marvel hero on this list. He is a simple man, caught in an explosion that changes his life due to unexpected circumstances.

What sets the Hulk apart from every other superhero on this list is that he is not always in control. Understand that the Hulk and Bruce Banner only want to do the right thing. Unfortunately, this does not always happen for two reasons. First, the Hulk is strong enough to go crazy. Second, as the Hulk becomes insane and strong, he loses control.

Hulk, comic
HULK ( Credit to )

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