New ‘Children of the Corn’ Trailer: A More Horrifying Version of Stephen King’s Classic Tale

New ‘Children of the Corn’ Trailer: A More Horrifying Version of Stephen King’s Classic Tale

The slasher movie from Kurt Wilmmer is getting a brief theatrical release before it arrives on Shudder this spring.

Kurt Wimmer’s adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “Children of the Corn” has finally unveiled its trailer. The film was made during the peak of the pandemic in 2020 and had a limited theatrical release in Florida in October of the same year. However, it was later seeking a proper theatrical run. Recently, it was announced that the movie has found a new home with AMC’s horror streaming service, Shudder, and RLJE. As part of its release plan, the movie will have an 18-day theatrical run next month. Horror fans can look forward to experiencing the chilling tale on the big screen or through Shudder’s streaming platform.

The red band trailer sets the stage for the audience to witness the emergence of a new generation of evil. The clips depict a chilling world where the children of the corn are rising to power, led by a young girl. We also see the perspective of a lone teenager who remains unaffected by the young girl’s control. The trailer presents a disturbing and dark scenario, challenging the notion that children are our hope for the future and instead showing the horrors they can bring about.

In Kurt Wimmer’s adaptation, the story is set in Nebraska and revolves around a 12-year-old girl who becomes possessed by a spirit in a dying cornfield. Under the influence of this entity, she starts recruiting the children of her small town, Gatlin, to carry out a violent plan of murdering the adults and anyone who opposes her rule. The town’s only hope for survival rests on a smart high schooler who resists the impending chaos and seeks to stop the violent rampage in the community.

The director has made notable changes from Stephen King’s original version of the story. King’s version focused on an outsider couple who discovers the dark history of the small town and its children, along with the malevolent deity called “He Who Walks Behind the Rows,” who dwells in the cornfield. Wimmer’s adaptation, on the other hand, shifts the narrative’s focus to the possessed young girl and the town’s struggle against her and the children under her control.

Who is Behind the Slasher Film?

Wimmer serves as both the director and screenwriter for the supernatural slasher adaptation. The cast includes Elena Kampouris as the young possessed girl, Boleyn Williams, Kate Moyer as Eden Edwards, Callan Mulvey as Robert Williams, Bruce Spence as Pastor Penny, Stephen Hunter as Calvin Colvington, Erika Heynatz as June Willis, Anna Samson as Sheila Boyce, Sisi Stringer as Tanika, Andrew S. Gilbert as Sheriff Gebler, and several others. Together, they bring the chilling tale to life on screen.

For “Children of the Corn,” Wimmer reunites with his “Point Break” producer, John Baldecchi, and collaborates with Lucas Foster (known for “Morbius”) and Doug Barry (known for “FML”). The digital effects for the slasher film were created by Digital Domain, James Cameron’s renowned digital production house. Digital Domain not only provided the digital effects but also served as an executive producer for the movie. The studio has an impressive track record, having worked on numerous major projects in the industry.

The remake of “Children of the Corn” is set to hit theaters on March 3, and it will then be available on Shudder starting from March 21. For those interested, you can watch the new trailer for the movie below.

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