Prey 2: Predator Franchise Plans & Everything We Know

Prey 2: Predator Franchise Plans & Everything We Know

Dan Trachtenberg, the director of “Prey,” hints at his upcoming intentions for “Prey 2” and shares insights into how extensively he has mapped out the storyline for the new film in the franchise.

Dan Trachtenberg, the director of “Prey,” has given fans a hint about the possibility of a “Prey 2” and future sequels for the franchise. Working closely with screenwriter Patrick Aison, Trachtenberg not only developed the story for “Prey” but also took the director’s chair for the film.

In “Prey,” the lead role is played by Amber Midthunder, who portrays a Comanche warrior. This brave warrior finds herself facing a formidable threat in the form of a Predator encroaching upon her homeland. Interestingly, “Prey” takes the audience back 300 years before the events of the first Predator movie. In doing so, it serves as an origin story, marking the first instance in the series where a Predator visits Earth.

Prey 2
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The ending of “Prey” shows that Naru emerges victorious in her battle against the Predator. After this, there is an animated end-credits scene that resembles Native American hide paintings. In this animated sequence, the film’s story is summarized, but it also drops a tantalizing hint: Predator ships are seen approaching in the sky, which Naru’s Comanche tribe notices. This subtle hint has sparked speculation among “Prey” fans about what might happen next in the Predator franchise.

Now, Dan Trachtenberg, the director, has shared insights about this animated sequence and his plans for the series.

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Current Updates on Prey 2

Trachtenberg’s statements indicate that “Prey 2” might have been in the works shortly after the first movie was finished. However, we don’t have clear information about the current status of the sequel, especially concerning how the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes might be affecting its progress. It’s possible that the movie was either still in the process of being written or had not even begun at that stage. This implies that work on the script will likely have to wait until the writers’ strike is resolved.

The plot: How does Prey set up a sequel?

The ending of “Prey” doesn’t directly pave the way for a sequel, but it does wrap up in a manner that leaves room for the story to evolve in various directions. “Prey 2” might choose to spotlight different characters in a new location and time, allowing for a fresh narrative, much like previous Predator movies have done throughout the series. On the other hand, if “Prey 2” turns out to be a more immediate sequel, the ending credits of “Prey” could potentially hint at the possibility of more Predators, setting the stage for the Comanches to confront another extraterrestrial hunter.

Prey 2
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One of the notable strengths of “Prey” is that it not only sets the stage for potential sequels continuing Naru’s story but also provides an opportunity to explore the 300-year gap leading up to the first Predator film. This opens up exciting possibilities for the Predator franchise to delve into various people, civilizations, time periods, and significant events across that historical timeframe. While it would be fascinating to witness Naru’s further adventures in “Prey,” tackling whatever Trachtenberg has in store for the series, it’s equally intriguing to imagine the Predator’s journey through history, encountering different scenarios and settings.

Prey 2 Cast

The cast for “Prey 2” remains uncertain since the story’s direction is unclear. In previous Predator films, survivor characters have never made a return appearance. “Prey 2” may continue this tradition by introducing new characters. However, there’s considerable fan excitement about the possibility of Amber Midthunder reprising her role as Naru. A direct sequel within the franchise, with Naru facing the Predator once more, could be intriguing.

Apart from Amber Midthunder, there aren’t many survivors left by the Predator to bring back as cast members. However, there’s a possibility for one key member of the “Prey” cast to return, which is Dane DiLiegro, who portrayed the Predator. While his Predator character met its demise in “Prey,” “Prey 2” could take inspiration from the original film in the series where the Predator actor Kevin Peter Hall returned to play a different Predator in “Predator 2.”

Prey 2
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Prey 2 Release Date Prediction

Although an official sequel to the movie hasn’t been confirmed yet, “Prey” has already become the most successful premiere on Hulu to date. This achievement is likely to spark discussions about a potential follow-up. What sets “Prey” apart is not only its impressive viewership but also its status as the highest-rated Predator movie among critics. The film’s minimalist approach to the franchise has garnered significant interest, and based on Trachtenberg’s recent statements, it’s evident that there are further possibilities for exploration in this storytelling franchise.

Given the overwhelmingly positive response to “Prey,” it’s highly probable that 20th Century Studios and Hulu won’t delay in giving the green light for its sequel. The direction “Prey 2” takes after the conclusion of “Prey” and the current stage of its development will be key factors in determining how quickly it moves forward. Viewers can anticipate that a release date for “Prey 2” might be on Hulu or potentially even in theaters, with the earliest realistic timeframe being in 2025 or 2026.

Image credit: 20th Century Studios/Hulu

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