Prison Break season 6: All we know so far

Prison Break season 6: All we know so far

Prison Break season 6: If you’re a big fan of the crime drama series “Prison Break,” you may have come across rumors earlier this year about a possible sixth season on Netflix. However, it appears that these rumors are false. Here’s what we can share about the status of “Prison Break” season 6.

“Prison Break” became a hit when it premiered on Fox in 2005. The show had four seasons that aired from 2005 to 2009, and it wrapped up with a movie called “Prison Break: The Final Break” in May 2009. Then, in January 2016, Fox revealed a fifth season, which ended in May 2017. After this, fans were eager for a sixth season, and in January 2018, Fox announced that they were working on it.

Unfortunately, Fox canceled its plans for a sixth season in August 2019. Wentworth Miller, one of the show’s main actors, confirmed this in late 2020 when he said he didn’t plan to come back to the series. Despite some recent talks and reports about a new series being worked on, it’s unclear whether Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (played by Dominic Purcell) will return to the screen.

The rumor about a sixth season of “Prison Break” coming to Netflix is false. According to reports, there are no current plans for a new season, at least not in the near future. This rumor began when an unofficial Facebook account called “Netflix News” shared an image of Michael and Lincoln with the text “Prison Break return,” but it is not based on any official information. The caption also claimed, “Prison Break. Season 6. SOON,” but it appears to be unfounded.

Fans expressed their excitement in the comments, with one fan saying, “Can’t wait! One of the best shows ever along with Scandal!” However, it’s essential to note that this information is not accurate. Neither Netflix nor the creative team behind “Prison Break” have officially confirmed a sixth season.

Moreover, a Reddit user suggested that the image of Michael and Lincoln was made by the show’s production team back in 2018 when a sixth season was initially announced by Fox. It appears that the unofficial Netflix News Facebook account shared an outdated image, which played a role in spreading these inaccurate rumors.


is there going to be a prison break 6 on break?

No, the idea that Prison Break Season 6 will be available on Netflix in 2023 is not accurate. According to reports, there are no official plans for a new season.

When was Prison Break Season 6 officially canceled?

Fox officially canceled Prison Break Season 6 in August 2019, which dashed hopes of it continuing.

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