Rio 3: Everything we know so far

Rio 3: Everything we know so far

Rio 3 is coming soon…

During the acquisition of Fox by Disney, Disney gained access to decades of intellectual property when it came to film and television and now Disney has been slowly adding Fox content to their streaming services and television channels with a renewed interest in several franchises to explore new stories with characters who are well established in media. Some of the franchises that will see expansion include Percy Jackson, Home Alone, Night at the Museum, Ice Age, and a surprising return to the Rio franchise. According to What’s On Disney Plus, Disney is moving forward with a third Rio film that will premiere exclusively on Disney+.

Rio films are among the popular animated film directed by Carlos Sardana is also directed Ice age films excluding Ice age continent drift. After the huge success of ‘Rio’ and ‘Rio 2’, he asked in an interview about another sequel of Rio would be ‘Rio 3’ he replied:

Rio 3

“I have tons of ideas. Once you connected with the character, you have so many stories to tell. It’s like our family and feels like writing books about family. I have already lined up my schedule, already directed films and if people want to make it another sequel then we can think about it.”


From ‘Ice Age’ through ‘Ferdinand,’ director Carlos Saldanha has continuously provided us with animated masterpieces that we have treasured over the years. Saldanha, on the other hand, brings us closer to home with ‘Rio,’ which tells the story of Blu, a tamed blue macaw, and his experiences in the vibrant Rio de Janeiro metropolis. Because of this, “Rio” is as much a celebration of Brazil’s rainbow-hued culture as it is a heartwarming love tale about two endangered species.

“Rio” already contains two sections. Some fans believe that the movie “Rio” might grow into a full-fledged series in the future. Because Saldanha and the actors have shown a desire in continuing the Blu and Jewel adventure series, we may be thankful that the opportunity remains open for us. As far as we know, ‘Rio 3’ is only a matter of time away.

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Rio 3 Plotline

As a newborn, Blu is taken from his native Brazil by a young girl, Linda, who takes care of him for the rest of his life. In order to preserve the blue macaw species from extinction by mating with the last known female blue macaw, Jewel, Blu, and his friends are invited to Rio by naturalist Tulio. A humorous and exhilarating journey ensues when the two birds are smuggled back into Brazil.

Part one finishes with the two birds raising a family of three in the jungle; part two continues up to where the first left off and follows the family as they go on a mission in search of other blue macaws in the Amazon, which ultimately turns out to be Jewel’s long-lost homestead family. It finishes with the family opting to stay in Amazon, but intend to visit Rio in the summers.

We can only speculate about the narrative of ‘Rio 3’ because there is no reliable information to go on. During the first few chapters of the third installment, we’ll get a glimpse of the family’s life in the Amazon with the rest of the flock. Due to the franchise’s title, it’s safe to assume that a family vacationing in Rio de Janeiro throughout the summer will play a role in the storyline. It would be intriguing and pertinent if the next sequel addressed the recent terrible extinction of the species in some way. Perhaps this is why Blu and Jewel, together with their friends and family, have decided to go on another quest to rescue their species.

Rio 3

In an interview with Cinema Blend, the actors of ‘Rio 2’ discussed what they would want to see in the film’s third installment. When asked if he would want to see the family go on an adventure to Miami, Jamie Foxx, who portrays Nico, said yes, but Andy Garcia, who plays Eduardo, said no. We can fairly anticipate that ‘Rio 3’ will be another exciting voyage for the family, based on the narrative of the first two films and what the cast has to say.

Rio 3 Release Date

Rio 3 is scheduled to be released on February 9, 2024.

Rio 3

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