Terrifer 3: All we know so far

Terrifer 3: All we know so far

Terrifier 3: The third installment of the Terrifier franchise, directed by Damien Leone, is set to bring back Art the Clown, the iconic silent killer clown. The original film, released in 2018 with a modest budget of $35,000, quickly gained a cult following among indie horror enthusiasts due to its extreme violence and use of practical special effects. Following the success of the first movie, Terrifier 2 was greenlit with a significantly larger budget. The sequel’s funding was supported by crowdfunding through an IndieGogo campaign, initially seeking $50,000 for a gruesome scene with extensive practical effects. The campaign exceeded expectations, raising over $250,000 from private investors.

Terrifier 3 is officially in pre-production with a larger filming budget than its predecessors, although the exact amount has not been disclosed. Priscilla Smith, president and founder of The Coven, a French distribution company and executive producer of the film, mentioned that it will have a “low-mid seven-figure budget.” Despite a fan-driven campaign to nominate Terrifier 2 for an Academy Award, which gained some traction but fell short, Smith humorously expressed a desire to aim for an Oscar for Terrifier 3. Lisa Falcone and Phil Falcone, who served as executive producers for the previous two installments, will return to produce Terrifier 3. This article will provide all the essential details about the upcoming Terrifier film!

Who is in the Cast?

David Howard Thornton will be reprising his iconic role as Art the Clown in Terrifier 3. Thornton is well-known for his portrayal of the killer clown in the franchise and has recently ventured into the trend of transforming beloved childhood characters into horror figures. Notably, he starred as a murderous version of “The Grinch” in the 2022 holiday horror film, The Mean One, similar to the concept of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, which depicted Pooh Bear and Piglet as homicidal maniacs after the characters entered the public domain.

Lauren LaVera is confirmed to reprise her protagonist role of Sienna Shaw in Terrifier 3. LaVera, known for her work in the Terrifier franchise, has also been involved in various short films such as Stalked, Night of the Devil, and How To Be Human. In Terrifier 2, her character undergoes a transformation into more of a supernatural force, aligning with Art the Clown’s seemingly supernatural abilities to survive mortal wounds. The characters are designed to embody an almost biblical battle between good and evil. Sienna’s character, described by Damien Leone as his favorite in the franchise, plays a crucial role in its continuation. Elliot Fullam and Samantha Scaffidi will also return as Jonathan Shaw and Victoria Heyes, respectively.

Chris Jericho, the professional wrestler who made a memorable cameo in the end-credits scene of Terrifier 2, is set to return to the role of Burke, an attendant at a psychiatric hospital, in Terrifier 3, as revealed by Damien Leone.

When Will Terrifier 3 Film?

Terrifier 3 is scheduled to hit theaters in less than a year, but as of now, filming has not yet begun on the slasher sequel. Damien Leone, in a recent interview, mentioned that the filming for Terrifier 3 is set to commence in February 2024. The duration of the production is currently unknown, but it is expected to be relatively short, given that the film is slated for release just eight months later.

Terrifier 3 Release Date

Terrifier 3 is poised to make its way to theaters on October 25, 2024, perfectly timed for the Halloween season.

After the unexpected triumph of Terrifier 2 at the box office during its theatrical release, it comes as no shock that Terrifier 3 is set to follow suit with an exclusive run in theaters before transitioning to streaming platforms. In June 2023, it was disclosed that Cineverse had secured the North American distribution rights for the movie, intending to grant it a substantial theatrical run. Subsequently, the film will become available for streaming exclusively on Cineverse’s streaming service, Screambox, after its theatrical run concludes.

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