The Family Plan: release date, and everything we know

The Family Plan: release date, and everything we know

In The Family Plan, we follow the story of an ordinary dad living in the suburbs. Mark Wahlberg takes on the role of Dan Morgan, a guy who cherishes his peaceful suburban life with his wife Maggie (portrayed by Michelle Monaghan), their daughter, son, and baby. However, trouble arises when Dan’s past catches up with him.

Little did his family know, Dan used to be a top-notch assassin! Now, his past catches up with him as old enemies close in, forcing him to flee. In a bid to safeguard his loved ones, Dan hastily gathers them into their minivan for an unplanned road trip to Las Vegas. The big question is, can he use his hidden skills to protect them without unveiling his real identity?

Get ready for a rundown on everything you need to know about The Family Plan, the Apple TV Plus movie…

The Family Plan
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Has a trailer been released for The Family Plan?

Yes, there’s a trailer for The Family Plan. In it, we witness Dan swiftly taking his family to Las Vegas when an old enemy resurfaces. He tells his wife, “Nothing brings the family together like a road trip.” However, he soon finds out that danger is still following him on the road. Realizing that the only way to safeguard his loved ones is to embrace his past, he declares, “to be that guy one more time.” Check out the action in the trailer below…

The Plot

Dan Morgan, played by Wahlberg, enjoys his peaceful suburban life. He’s a dedicated husband, a dad of three, and a successful car salesman. But there’s more to his story. In the past, he was a top government assassin, handling dangerous missions. Now, his old enemies catch up with him. Dan, without his family suspecting anything, gathers his wife (Michelle Monaghan), moody teenage daughter, gaming enthusiast son, and adorable 10-month-old baby into their minivan for a sudden road trip to Las Vegas. Dan is determined to keep his family safe and give them an unforgettable vacation. However, he must use his dormant skills without revealing his true identity.

The Family Plan cast

Mark Wahlberg takes on the main role in The Family Plan, playing Dan, who used to be an assassin but is now a salesman. He’s known for his roles in Daddy’s Home, Ted, The Departed, The Fighter, Infinite, and Boogie Nights. He has also appeared in Patriots Day, Instant Family, Entourage, and Deepwater Horizon.

In addition to that, Michelle Monaghan, known for her role in Pixels, plays Dan’s wife. The ensemble is further filled out by Maggie Q, Ciaran Hinds, Jonny Coyne, Zoe Margaret Colletti, and Felicia Pearson.

The Family Plan
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Who Else Is Involved With ‘The Family Plan?

Simon Cellan Jones directs The Family Plan, with a script by David Coggeshall. The film is produced by Skydance and Apple Studios. The team of producers includes Wahlberg, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, and Stephen Levinson. John G. Scotti takes on the role of executive producer for the film.

The Family Plan release date

The Family Plan is set to debut globally on Apple TV Plus on Friday, December 15, 2023.

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