The Found Johnny Depp Passed out in his hotel in Hungary.

The Found Johnny Depp Passed out in his hotel in Hungary.

Besides his successful film career, Johnny Depp is part of a musical project called Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. They have been touring in Europe for the past few months, but they encountered a problem last week.

As reported by Daily News Hungary, the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean was discovered unconscious in his hotel room in Budapest, Hungary. This incident allegedly took place on July 18. More information about the incident has recently been revealed.

Following the incident, the band had to cancel several of the shows they had planned on their tour, resulting in the need to refund ticket sales for those canceled performances.

Johnny Depp: The Reason Behind His Fainting Incident

The situation was serious, with those close to Johnny Depp expressing concern, and a doctor had to be called to assist him. Even though they tried to keep the reasons for concert cancellations private, only stating “unforeseen circumstances” on Facebook, some people claim to know the real truth behind the incident.

Several Twitter users claimed that the 60-year-old actor was seen drinking alcohol an hour before the show’s cancellation was announced to his fans, attributing the fainting incident to his state at that time.

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