The Speed Force: Energy Source of Speedsters – Flash

The Speed Force: Energy Source of Speedsters – Flash

This is the second article about the Speed Force. If you didn’t read the first part click here.

Physical Manifestations of the Speed Force

Lighting Colorations

Once a Speedster is in connection with the Speed Force, their speed is physically demonstrated by the flow of Lightning and Electricity from their bodies as well as they run. The color changes with each Speedster as they usually indicate the specific type of relationship they have achieved with the Speed Force.

Yellow – The Flash

Yellow lightning represents a pure or natural connection with the Speed Force. At the same time, as Speedsters like Barry Allen and Jay Garrick develop their powers, they eventually begin to show more orange color. That means when Speedsters develop their powers their lightning colors change too. Yellow color lightning is seen from,

Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Jess Wells, Wally West, Bitzkerieg, Barry Allen from Earth-90, Bart Allen, Formerly from Hunter Zolomon (Zoom), and Eliza Harmon.

The Flash
The Flash – Yellow Lightning

Red – Reverse Flash

Red lightning is usually the result of a Speedster connecting with an artificial Speed Force, such as the Negative Speed Force created by Eobard Thawne. Red lightning is being seen in Eobard as well as in Edward Clariss. Clariss does not know why he has red lightning, but Clariss may have activated his own hatred to join the unknown Speed Force. In addition, Speedsters such as Hunter Zolomon, who are being taken into the Speed Force by Time Wraiths, have also his lightning turned red.  

Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash – Red Lightning

Blue – Zoom

Blue lightning generation is when a person artificially enhances an existing Speed Force connection or artificially accesses the Speed Force through a strong enough dose of the Velocity drug. As the user’s speed increases exponentially, as can be seen with accelerators such as Hunter Zolomon and Eliza Hormone, there are life-threatening side effects, including cell degeneration as well as personality breakdown. Blue lightning flashes from godspeed were also seen due to the Velocity-9 when he used to enhance his speed.

Zoom – Blue Lightning

White – Savitar

Whit lightning is created by the Savitar who called himself as “God of Speed”, who is actually a remnant of Barry Allen. It was the result of his lightning reflecting through his armor when he runs while wearing it. It is also created by August Heart after using a combination of Velocity-9 and tachyons.

Savitar – White Lightning
God Speed
God Speed

Purple – Iris

Purple lightning has been produced by, Nora West-Allen, “Accelerated Man” and after Matthew Kim temporarily handed over Barry’s powers to Iris West-Allen. Anyway, the cause of this lightning is currently unknown.

Iris West Allen
Iris West Allen – Purple Lightning

Yellow and Purple

Natural-born Speedster Nora West-Allen released a combination of yellow and purple colors lightning when she runs. But the cause of having multi-colored lightning was unknown. Iris, however, assumed that this may be due to a genetic factor; Nora’s father, Barry, generates from yellow lightning when he runs, and her mother, Iris, produced purple lightning when Barry’s speed shifted to her.

 Nora West Allen
Nora West-Allen

Red and Purple

Her yellow and purple lightning changed after Nora West-Allen ran into the Negative Speed Force. Her yellow lightning was changed to red and her purple lightning remained the same.

 Nora West Allen
Nora West-Allen


After Barry Allen was infected with black blood from Ramsey Rosso, Barry’s lightning turned ghostly white with a dark aura.

 Barry Allen was infected with black blood
Barry Allen was infected with black blood

Green and White

After the Speed Force was infected by the Spectre’s Energy, all of the lightning flashes in the Speed Force turned into green and white.

 Spectre’s Energy
Spectre’s Energy

Yellow and Blue

After Barry Allen took the Velocity-X serum, his lightning turned into yellow and blue with emitted the same sound zoom generated when he was running.


Red, Yellow and Blue

When the Speed Force has reborn and took the form of Nora Allen, it produced red, yellow, and blue lightning.

Speed Force as Nora Allen
Speed Force as Nora Allen

Eye transformation

Just as the colors of Speedsters’ lightning rods change accordingly to the nature of their connection with the Speed Force, so do the colors of their eyes.

Yellow lightning flickering: This is the sign of a natural connection with the Speed Force and sometimes manifests for users of Velocity before the serum begins to get worse them.

Flash's Eye
Flash’s Eye

Red lightning flickering and Glowing red eyes: If any speedster has these types of eyes, it represents they have a connection with the Negative Speed Force.

Reverse Flash's Eyes
Reverse Flash’s Eyes
Nora's Red Eyes
Nora’s Red Eyes

Black eyes: The users of Velocity serum, after the serum, begins to get worse them, their eyes color’s transform to fully black color.

Hunter Zolomon's Black Eyes
Hunter Zolomon’s Black Eyes
Zoom's Black Eyes
Zoom’s Black Eyes

Black eyes after being infected by Ramsey Rosso: This is caused by a Speedster being infected by Ramsey Russo.

Flash's Black Eyes
Flash’s Black Eyes


When the speedsters die their body and clothing splits into orange energy and they become a part of the Speed Force. Eobard Thawne also shattered and scattered orange, when he was caught by the Black Flash. But the exact Speed Force mechanism behind this is unknown.

Flash earth 90
Flash earth 90
 Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne

Similar effects occur, but appear blue rather than orange, can be seen when a Speedster is erased from the timeline.

 Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne
Nora-West Allen
Nora-West Allen

However, the same can happen to those who are not natural Speedsters and who claimed powers via the serums like Velocity, and that point the breakage happens more subtly. As seen with Eliza Harmon who is actually not a natural speedster (became a Speedster via Velocity serum), running too fast can also cause a speedster to fragment apart in a similar manner.

 Eliza Harmon
Eliza Harmon

Time Wraiths

Time Wraiths are inter-dimensional such as corpses, who act to hunt down Speedsters who recklessly indiscriminately change the timeline without thinking about the consequences. They are relentless in their search for these kinds of speedsters and can travel through time and perhaps to other dimensions if necessary. They will not stop until hunting the Speedster.

 Time Wraiths
Time Wraiths

They have the ability to absorb the powers of Speedsters and beat them easily. And also through physical contact, they are able to remove the energy of the target organism and age them to death. Their targets can also be dragged across dimensions, causing them to degenerate normally and begin to look like Time Wraith’s corpse and their lightning turns into red as well as some parts of their clothes can appear.

Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) is one of the most famous Speedster who was captured by Time Wraiths. Then he lost his humanity and free will and his body decayed. After that he became the “Black Flash” and he was a servant of the Speed Force.

Black Flash
Black Flash

Powers and abilities

The Speed force basically gives Speedsters the ability to move fast, but in addition, the Speed Force gives them many more powers.

Accelerated healing factor:

In addition to speed, this is another unique power provided by the Speed Force. Cause of this power, Speedsters have the ability to heal non-fatal injuries in a matter of hours. As the examples, with or without treatment, Speedsters can immediately heal injuries from accidents such as broken bones and burns.

Time travel:

The Speedsters can create a hole in the fabric of space-time and travel through time. They do this by entering the Speed ​​Force which is connected to all of time and space through the multiverse. If the timeline is changed by any speedster, he can keep all the memories of the previous timeline in addition to the new schedule and even recognize the difference between the two. If the timeline is changed by any speedster, he can keep all the memories of the previous timeline in addition to the new schedule and even recognize the difference between the two (But as he stabilizes in the new time frame, memories of his previous time frame gradually fade away. This ability is very dangerous as altering the events of the past, in general, can distort the present and the future, usually with a devastating outcome.


The Speedsters’ bodies generate electrical power when they run. The special thing is they can use this electricity as lightning to attack their target by running within a circular motion with enough intensity.

Intangibility  / Bodily vibration:

Cause of Speedsters’ enhanced movements, they can vibrate their bodies or parts. By using this ability the Speedsters’ can travel through the solid materials. As well as they can change their voice too. And also some speedsters have used their vibrations to punch through flesh and bone.

Also, the Speedsters have many more abilities from the Speed Force like Superhuman strength, Superhuman senses, Speed Force sharing, etc.

Speedsters’ Weaknesses

Cold temperatures:

Because Speedsters’ produce their speed by increasing the temperature of their atoms, extreme cold can cause to slow down the Speedsters. This temporarily impairs their healing ability.

Connection severance:

The Speedsters’ all abilities give by the Speed Force. So, if for some reason the Speedsters lose connection with the Speed Force, they lose all their abilities.

Speedster weapon:

A special type of weapons can fire an energy pulse that could render a speedster stunned and cut off from the Speed Force. However, the effects are only temporary.

The Speed Force’s Weakness

Nuclear explosion: If a nuclear bomb blasts in the Speed Force, it could destroy the Speed Force completely.

Imbalance of energy: an energy overload in the speed force can cause it to break down and “die.”

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