Tiana Series: Everything You Need to Know

Tiana Series: Everything You Need to Know

Princess Tiana’s adventure doesn’t stop in New Orleans after The Princess and the Frog. The beloved Disney character from the 2009 animated film is returning for a new musical series called Tiana, which was first revealed in 2020.

First revealed in 2020, Disney+ had planned to bring Tiana to screens by 2023. Anika Noni Rose, known for her captivating voice, was confirmed to return as the delightful Princess Tiana. Unfortunately, the series faced delays, and the most recent information suggests that fans can now anticipate the premiere in 2024.

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What is the Tiana series about?

Set to take place after the storyline of The Princess and the Frog, Tiana will portray the main character’s fresh journey as the Princess of Maldonia. As Tiana goes on exciting new adventures, reminders from her time in New Orleans will connect with her current journey. If history repeats itself, some familiar characters from the first movie might make surprise appearances, delighting fans with their cameos.

There have been changes beyond just release dates for Tiana. Initially, Stella Meghie was set to be both the writer and director, but now Joyce Sherri has taken on these roles. However, Meghie is still an important part of the team and works as an executive producer. Jennifer Lee is also an executive producer, and Nathan Curtis is the producer. Walt Disney Animation Studios, known for its excellence, will make sure the animation quality stays high.


The Familiar Faces

In the bayou where Tiana and Naveen had their adventures as frogs, they met various memorable characters, and it’s highly anticipated that these characters will show up in the series. Louis, the first friend they made, is a talented alligator who loves playing the trumpet and dreams of being a jazz musician without scaring people. Mama Odie, a quirky 197-year-old voodoo priestess who lives in a boat in a tree in the deep Louisiana swamps, serves as a Fairy Godmother-like figure, encouraging Tiana and Naveen to discover life’s true values. Despite being blind, Mama Odie has Juju, a loyal snake companion, to help her navigate. While Ray the firefly is no longer present, introducing his extensive illuminating family would be a thoughtful way to honor the brave beetle with the biggest heart.

When will the Tiana series be released?

The specific release date for the “Tiana” animated series on Disney+ has not been confirmed. Originally planned for 2022, then pushed to 2023, and now delayed to 2024, the series is currently listed as “Coming soon to Disney+” on the website. As of now, it is expected to premiere sometime in 2024.

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