Power Rangers Reboot: Everything we know so far

Power Rangers Reboot: Everything we know so far

With the conclusion of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury marking the end of the saga’s first 30 seasons, it’s a great time for a Power Rangers reboot to bring something new. They’ve been planning a Power Rangers series for young adults for a while, but we don’t know much about it. The conclusion of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury felt like an ending not just for the latest season but for the whole show. This creates an opportunity for the next Power Rangers series to start fresh and give the saga a new beginning.

A new Power Rangers reboot for young adults is in the works, and the upcoming TV show has a great opportunity to focus on one of the franchise’s most interesting villains (who hasn’t been seen in live-action before). The popular superhero series, based on the Japanese Super Sentai franchise, started in 1993 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Fox. Since then, there have been many shows and movies featuring the transformed heroes. The original series became a huge entertainment brand with toys, animated series, live-action films, and more. Now, there’s hope that the franchise can refresh itself with the currently in-development reboot series

Throughout the years, Power Rangers stories have showcased superheroes battling various villains, some more powerful and memorable than others. Yet, one antagonist hasn’t made an appearance in a live-action TV show or movie, and their inclusion would surely bring excitement to any Power Rangers story. It’s hoped that in the upcoming reboot, Power Rangers will make the most of these villains, giving them a significant role. The identity of the main villain in the series remains a mystery, and only time will reveal who the formidable adversary will be.

Power Rangers Reboot

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The Cast

The official cast for the Power Rangers reboot is yet to be confirmed, but unofficial reports suggest a star-studded lineup. According to these unverified sources, the potential cast includes,

  • Luke Benward as Jason Lee Scott (The Red Ranger)
  • Peyton List as Kimberly Hart (The Pink Ranger)
  • Shameik Moore as Zack Taylor (The Black Ranger)
  • Lana Condor as Trini Kwan (The Yellow Ranger)
  • Thomas Mann as Billy Cranston (The Blue Ranger
  • Booboo Stewart as Tommy Oliver (The Green Ranger)
  • Monica Bellucci portrays Rita Repulsa, and
  • Liam Neeson as Zordon.

If these casting choices are accurate, they indicate a mix of experienced and emerging talents for the iconic Power Rangers characters.

New Power Rangers Show Might Have Lord Drakkon

If the producers and writers making the new Power Rangers TV show want to do something different from the other parts of the series, they should make Lord Drakkon the main bad guy. Lord Drakkon is like an older and evil version of Tommy Oliver, who was the first Green Ranger, but from a different world. While Lord Drakkon has been in Power Rangers comics and video games, he has never been in a live-action movie or show to fight against the heroes.

Power Rangers Reboot: The Release Date

The official release date for the Power Rangers reboot is still pending, but anticipation is high for a potential release in 2025. The project has been in development for several years, building excitement and expectations among fans.

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