Which is the Best MCU movie of all time?

Which is the Best MCU movie of all time?

We began the Marvel journey with Iron Man which released in 2008 and following the same, there was no looking back as year after year the studio released epic movies in the superhero genres. With the introduction of new superheroes, epic crossovers and unimaginable special effects, each Marvel film seems to outdo the other. It seems impossible to determine whether there is one particular MCU film that can be deemed as the best one of all time. 

When it comes to searching for an answer for the Best MCU film of all time on Google, you will be surprised to see the movie that turns up first in the search. If you happen to search “Best MCU film of all time” on the platform, the top answer happens to be Chris Hemsworth’s Thor film. The 2011 movie first introduced Hemsworth as the God of Thunder and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. 

Best MCU movie of all time: The first Thor film also marked Tom Hiddleston’s MCU debut as the actor appeared in the role of Thor’s brother Loki for the first time. Years later, the actor also received his own MCU show for the same character. As for Hemsworth himself, the actor has been playing Thor for several years now since 2011 and recently had his fourth solo release with Thor: Love and Thunder.

While many would have expected Avengers: Endgame to come up while looking for the best MCU film of all time, the second film on the list after Thor is the 2012 release, The Avengers which seemed to be the beginning of it all when it comes to the Avengers coming together. Also in the search list at the third position is Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel which was released in 2019. 

Marvel studios started with these films and is currently gearing up for the release of its fifth and sixth phase films. At the recently held Comic-Con, the studio announced its major releases in the next year as well which include two new Avengers films as well as a Fantastic Four movie. 

Which is your favourite MCU film of all time? Share your views with Pinkvilla in the comments. 

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