Baymax: Big Hero 6 Sequel Series

Baymax: Big Hero 6 Sequel Series

The adorable nursing robot Baymax from Big Hero 6 returns to assist and help people in the new Disney+ series called Baymax. The official trailer for Baymax! has been released, marking it as Walt Disney Animation Studios’ first-ever animated series. Serving as a spinoff to the 2014 film Big Hero 6, the series follows Baymax as he continues his journey in treating patients in the fictional city of San Fransokyo. Baymax is set to premiere on Disney+ on June 29, 2022.

Baymax! Arrives on Disney+: Streaming Debut Set for June 29, 2022, with Six Episodes

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“The series explores all the ways that Baymax can be of service to the community and help people. He’s there for everyone, from kids to the elderly, and he’s always ready to lend a helping hand. It’s really about showcasing the caring and compassionate side of Baymax, and how he can make a positive impact on people’s lives.”

“I had the idea of creating a Disney+ series centered around Baymax and his interactions with regular people. In each of the six episodes, Baymax has the pure intention of helping someone, even though they may not initially welcome his assistance. He focuses on addressing a physical problem he identifies, but in the process, he delves into deeper emotional issues and has the potential to bring about transformative experiences,” explained the creator.

trailers for Baymax, you can watch them below.

Trailer 1
Trailer 2


Baymax: Background

The character of Baymax was first introduced in the film Big Hero 6, which was followed by a 2D-animated spin-off series called Big Hero 6: The Series, running for three seasons. The film was a commercial success, grossing around $657.8 million globally, and received widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike. It even garnered prestigious awards such as the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Animated Movie.

Baymax: Cast

Scott Adsit returns to lend his voice to the character of Baymax in the upcoming series, continuing his role from Big Hero 6. Ryan Potter and Maya Rudolph also reprise their respective roles as Hiro Hamada and Aunt Cass. Joining the cast for the series are voice actors Emily Kuroda, Lilimar, Zeno Robinson, and Jaboukie Young-White.


What will happen in series

Those looking for action-packed superhero adventures might need to adjust their expectations for Baymax! The series will follow an episodic format, with each episode focusing on Baymax’s attempts to help a patient. However, that doesn’t mean the show won’t be entertaining. From the trailer, we can see that the lovable and friendly Baymax will create plenty of chaos as he insists on providing medical care to those who may not want it.

Release Date and Other Details

The upcoming series “Baymax!” on Disney Plus is set to premiere on June 29. The series is produced by Roy Conli and Bradford Simonsen, with episodes directed by Dean Wellins, Lissa Treiman, Dan Abraham, and Mark Kennedy. The screenwriter for the series is Cirocco Dunlap.

Fans Have Been Demanding A Sequel To Big Hero 6, Will It Ever Happen?

“Big Hero 6” was indeed a highly successful animated film, grossing the highest among animated movies in 2014 and winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. While it has been almost a decade since the film’s release, fans were able to continue following the adventures of Hiro Hamada and his team in the 2D animated show “Big Hero 6: The Series.” Created by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, the series aired on Disney XD and Disney Channel from 2017 to 2021. Although the series introduces some plot elements that may contradict the film, it serves as a satisfying continuation of the story and features most of the original voice cast.


As of now, there is no official news about a sequel to “Big Hero 6.” However, Zach Parrish, the head of animation on the film, expressed hope for a potential sequel in a 2021 update. While he did not confirm anything, he mentioned that animation offers the flexibility to pick up the story right after the events of “Big Hero 6” or explore different timelines. This suggests that there is still the possibility of a sequel in the future, but no concrete plans have been announced yet.

If “Baymax!” performs well, Disney may give the green light for additional spinoffs and, ideally, a sequel. Moreover, the success of “Baymax!” could pave the way for the development of more animated series on Disney+.

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