Alita Battle Angel 2 release date, cast, and everything

Alita Battle Angel 2 release date, cast, and everything

Since the first film’s release in 2019, Alita: Battle Angel had received a lot of positive feedback from fans. Rosa Salazar, a well-known actress, played Alita, the main character, in this performance capture animation film. Alita is a cyborg with a mechanical body and a human brain. Alita Battle Angel begins from 25263, 300 years after Earth was devastated by a catastrophic war known as “The Fall”. It is a fictional movie comprising of events post-apocalyptic.

When the doctor Dyson finds her cyborg. He creates a body for her and names her Alita after his daughter lost in The Fall. Now Alita is without any clue about her past life and her memories. She searches for her identity and falls in love with Hugo. In her journey of this new life, she becomes a motor ball tryout racer. She comes across the dangerous gangs performing a nasty business that risks the safety of her loved ones.

Alita Battle Angel

Alita Battle Angel had its world premiere at Leicester Square Theater in London on January 31, 2019. With a worldwide profit of 404 million dollars, Alita Battle Angel became Rodriguez’s highest-grossing film. After such a big success, audiences expected to see her on their screens again. However, rumors that the sequel film will be canceled disappointed them.

Alita: Battle Angel 2

While a sequel isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, director Robert Rodriguez hasn’t forgotten about it. In December 2021, he said: “Jim [Cameron] and I talked about it recently and we’re still very interested. I told him, ‘Let me deliver [The Book of Boba Fett] and then let’s figure out a pitch”.

Disney became the decision-maker of Alita’s destiny. It broke the hearts of her fans when Disney denied the renewal of the film. As a result, Alita’s army of fans are filing petitions worldwide to release the sequel. It’ll be Disney that decides whether the movie gets a sequel and if it can find space on its packed release slate for it.

Alita Battle Angel

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The Plot of Alita: Battle Angel

The story took place after our planet Earth collapsed and offers a glimpse into the future. Then Alita woke up in a new body with the help of a sympathetic doctor named Ido in the first movie. She, on the other hand, has no memory of her previous existence.

The film is one of the most brilliantly portrayed live-action anime adaptations, and the characters have significant roles to play and enhance the plot. The protagonist faces a lot of chaos and trouble. But Ido stands with her constantly and shields her from all sorts of dangers prevailing in the Iron City.

How is Alita Battle Angel 2 set up?

The story of the sequel is a mystery. In the first movie, Alita lost her beloved, Hugo. But has gained a greater understanding of herself and her role in the world, rising to become Motorball champion and earning a chance to return to the mysterious city of Zalem and its leader Nova.

In fact, there is an entire scene about Motorball that didn’t make it into the final cut. Producer Jon Landau told CinemaBlend: “There was a training sequence that we shot in an alley Hugo is teaching her how to do the street Motorball. That’s really the only significant scene.”

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Deleted scenes aside, it’s clear that Rodriguez and Cameron intended the movie to be a complete arc in itself. “She now knows who she is, and she’s got a target, and it’s still a complete story with a beginning, middle and end,” said Rodriguez.

But with mysteries continuing to surround Alita’s centuries-long life, Cameron pointed out that those haven’t even been completely explained in Yukito Kishiro’s original manga.

So, the obvious questions remain to be answered: What happened to Alita between ‘The Fall’ and her eventually landing in that Iron City junk heap? How did Zalem survive The Fall, and what is the city really like? And what does the enigmatic Nova really want?

In the absence of a sequel being announced, there is no way of knowing how the story might go. However, considering the conclusion of ‘Alita’ and the rest of its source material, it’s not hard to figure out what’s going to happen.

Toward the conclusion of the film, Alita declares her intention to avenge the death of Hugo by pointing towards Zalem. It suggests that Alita’s voyage to Zalem and her showdown with Nova will focus on the sequel(s). Fans are waiting with their fingers crossed and breathing on hold to hear the much-awaited announcement of Alita Battle Angel part two.

Alita Battle Angel

Alita Battle Angel 2 Cast

Well, Rosa Salazar would definitely be back as Alita. Not just because she’s the lead role, but because both the audience and Rosa love her character Alita and state she will play Alita till her last breath.

Along with her, we can expect Christoph Waltz to be back as Alita’s surrogate father Dr. Dyson Ido, who also happens to be a scientist and a bounty hunter, as he’s confirmed he would return for a sequel. And also, Edward Norton might also be seen in his role as Nova.

Clive Lee was said to have been hired for a role in the original film. However, he was set aside to be included later, so the sequel may give the production the opportunity to give him a role. There will be more characters as well, but it is best to wait a bit longer to acquire all of the true facts.

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Release Date

Since the sequel hasn’t been given the green light yet, we can’t say when ‘Alita: Battle Angel 2’ will be released. Based on what we know about how long-winded projects like “Alita” can take, it’s logical to predict that the sequel will take some time.

Although Robert Rodriguez, the director, has confirmed the film’s release supported by James Cameron, the executive producer, there are no further details.

Looking at the controversial nature of the statements being made on the release of Alita Battle Angel part two, it is difficult to make any speculation for now, but it will be interesting to find out will Alita’s army be able to save her. If a sequel happens also, be sure it will not be released before 2025, so it is better to wait and wait for the official declaration.

Alita Battle Angel

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