BUNKER 717, gets terrifying trailer Release! 

BUNKER 717, gets terrifying trailer Release! 

Lightbulb Films, a UK distributor, is excited to showcase Bunker 717 (Deep Fear), which is set to be one of the standout films at this year’s FrightFest event.

In the film Bunker 717 (Deep Fear), three students embark on an adventurous journey into the Paris Catacombs during the 1980s. However, they soon discover that something dangerous is hiding in the dark tunnels, ready to attack! The question is, will they be able to survive the terrifying nightmare beneath the surface?

The production company Black Swan Tales brings us Bunker 717, a film directed by Grégory Beghin and written by Nicolas Tackian. The movie features a talented cast including Blaise Afonso, Olivier Bony, Léone François-Janssens, and Sofia Lesaffre.

You can now watch Bunker 717 on various digital platforms such as Apple TV, Sky Store, Virgin Media, Amazon UK, and Google Play. Additionally, the film is also available on DVD at ASDA, Morrisons, and Amazon UK.


In the 1980s, a group of three students decides to celebrate their graduation by exploring the Paris catacombs. During their expedition, they stumble upon the infamous 717 Bunker. However, they soon realize that the remnants of Nazi soldiers are not the only dangers lurking within the catacombs.

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