First ‘Terrifier’ Movie Returning to Theaters 

First ‘Terrifier’ Movie Returning to Theaters 

The film spawned ‘Terrifier 2,’ the surprise box office hit that earned $10 million against a $250,000 budget.

The highly anticipated return of Art the Clown is causing a stir as the first “Terrifier” movie is set to receive its widest release on July 19, hitting 700 screens. Originally released in 2018, “Terrifier” was written and directed by Damien Leone and featured David Howard Thornton as the chilling killer, Art the Clown. Alongside a talented cast including Jenna Kanell, Samantha Scaffidi, and Catherine Corcoran, the film gained a dedicated cult following. However, it was the success of its sequel, “Terrifier 2,” that truly made waves in the horror genre. Made on a modest budget of $250,000, “Terrifier 2” surprised everyone by grossing a staggering $10 million after its release on October 6 in 770 theaters. Its success contributed to the resurgence of horror films at the box office.

Dread, the horror-focused label of Epic Pictures, a Los Angeles-based distribution and financing company, has partnered with Iconic Events to bring the first “Terrifier” film to theaters. Iconic Events previously worked on the successful release of “Terrifier 2.” This upcoming theatrical release marks the widest distribution the original “Terrifier” has ever received. Patrick Ewald, the CEO and owner of Epic Pictures and Dread, expressed his excitement about bringing the blood-soaked and terrifying world of Art the Clown back to the big screen. After recognizing the film’s unique qualities years ago, Ewald is thrilled to unleash this homage to old-school horror and the madness of Art the Clown, knowing that it has garnered a devoted global fanbase over the years.

Steve Menkin, president and co-founder of Iconic Events, praised Damien Leone as a visionary director who breaks the mold within the horror genre. Leone, who gained recognition and signed with talent agency WME following the success of “Terrifier 2,” was involved in editing and special effects makeup for the film. Phil Falcone and George Steuber served as producers.

In response to the theatrical release, Damien Leone expressed his excitement and invited audiences to witness Art the Clown’s infamous “hack saw scene” on the big screen, humorously suggesting that viewers might want to bring their barf bags along for the experience.

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