Riddick 4: Cast, Plot, Release Date, and Everything

Riddick 4: Cast, Plot, Release Date, and Everything

The development of “Riddick 4: Furya” has been progressing gradually. Universal Pictures expressed their interest in making a fourth installment of the Riddick franchise back in 2014. Vin Diesel, the lead actor, announced in 2015 that the movie would be titled “Furya” and confirmed that it would be a rated-R film.

However, since then, the movie has faced delays in pre-production, and Vin Diesel has been focusing on his other successful franchise, “Fast & Furious,” where he plays the character Dom Toretto. As a result, the progress on “Riddick 4: Furya” has been slower than initially anticipated.

The first three movies in the Riddick franchise, “Pitch Black” (2000), “The Chronicles of Riddick” (2004), and “Riddick” (2013), were not critically acclaimed or blockbuster hits. However, despite this, the character of Riddick has garnered a vast and dedicated fanbase, which has led to the franchise expanding beyond just the films. Riddick’s popularity has resulted in the creation of two fairly popular first-person stealth video games, an anime series, and a comic book series. Additionally, there is a Riddick spinoff show called “Merc City” currently in development, further showcasing the enduring appeal of the character and the franchise.

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Riddick 4 FINALLY Moving Forward With Vin Diesel 10 Years Later

After years of expressing their desire to return, “Riddick 4” is finally making progress with Vin Diesel returning to the franchise after a decade. Fans are excited to see the actor reprise his role as Riddick for the upcoming installment.

According to Deadline, Vin Diesel has been officially confirmed to reprise his role in “Riddick 4.” This announcement comes a decade after the last film in the franchise was released. David Twohy, the creator of the franchise, will also be returning to write and direct this sci-fi action sequel. Twohy expressed his excitement about the upcoming sequel in a statement, indicating that the team is ready to bring the next chapter of Riddick’s adventures to life.

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What Will be The Plot of Riddick 4: Furya?

The new film, confirmed to be titled “Riddick: Furya,” will follow Vin Diesel’s character as he returns to his homeworld, which was previously believed to be desolate due to the Necromongers’ conquest seen in “The Chronicles of Riddick.” However, new plot details reveal that remnants of the Furyan civilization are still alive and fighting to survive. Riddick joins forces with his people to protect their home and fight for their existence. This aligns with Diesel’s previous hints that “Riddick 4” would explore the character’s origins, a storyline that was also hinted at in the conclusion of “Riddick.” Fans can anticipate a deeper exploration of Riddick’s roots and his journey to save his people and their planet in this upcoming installment.

Vin Diesel has indicated that “Riddick 4: Furya” will delve into the enigmatic origins of his character, Riddick. The film will follow the Furyan fugitive as he embarks on a journey to discover his homeworld of Furya. In “The Chronicles of Riddick,” Furya was described as a harsh world where only the strongest could survive.

On Instagram, Vin Diesel shared a storyboard slide that showed Riddick in a spacesuit looking surprised. The caption read: “Scene 10 – The boy’s eyes shine just like Riddick’s.” This suggests that the movie might uncover Riddick’s past by introducing other characters like him on his homeworld. One such character is a mysterious boy who surprises Riddick, hinting at an exciting exploration of Riddick’s origins in the upcoming film.

Who Will Be Back in The Cast of Riddick 4:Furya?

In “Riddick 4: Furya,” not only will Vin Diesel reprise his role, but the same writers and directors from the first three films will also return. David Twohy, along with Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat, will direct and co-write the movie, just as they did for the previous films. Although casting details have not been disclosed yet, the screenplay was finished in 2021, indicating that the film is in the early stages of development. A recent Instagram post from Vin Diesel suggests that pre-production is progressing, and the team is currently working on storyboarding the movie.

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When will be released?

The release of “Riddick 4: Furya” may still be a few years away. Vin Diesel has expressed his desire to film “Fast X” and “Fast 11” back-to-back and conclude Dom’s story in the “Fast Saga” before moving on to the next chapter with Riddick. Considering this, filming for “Riddick 4: Furya” may not start until 2024.

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