The Villains who come forward with Eternals are worse than Thanos

The Villains who come forward with Eternals are worse than Thanos

Thanos is the main villain in Marvel phase 3 that you remember. He was the most powerful villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As you all know, Marvel phase 4 has just started. And also several movies have already been released regarding the new phase. Eternals: This movie will be a turning point in Marvel phase 4. Because the villains who come forward with this movie will be worse than Thanos.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Final Trailer

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Eternals, now in theaters.

The most interesting thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe today is how it got away from the Avengers and their clash with Thanos. The fourth phase sets the stage for new heroes and villains, as Shang-Chi’s solo film proves. With that in mind, let’s break down how Eternals sets the stage for villains worse than Thanos.

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Galactus : The villains are worse than Thanos

Galactus was originally a space explorer named Galan who had gained cosmic abilities by passing near a star. But further developed the character of writer Mark Gruenwald, revealing that Galan lived in the universe before the Big Bang which began the current universe. With the end of Galan’s universe, Galan merged with the “Sentience of the Universe” to form the Galactus, an entity with cosmic power needed to destroy entire planets in order to sustain his existence.

There are some arguments about Galactus will be the main Villain of Marvel phase 4. Anyway, most probably Galactus will come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon. Because since Galactus was owned by Fox and Fox now owned by Disney, Galactus may actually appear on the MCU someday.

Galactus: The villains are worse than Thanos
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Knull : The villains are worse than Thanos

Simply, Knull is the god of the symbiote. Knull was a primitive god who formed after the destruction of the sixth iteration of the universe. He was drifting through endless emptiness until Celestials arrived and began creating the 7th iteration of the Marvel universe. And he was awakened by the “light of creation” who done by Celestials and enraged at the plunder of his Kingdom of Darkness. Null created the All-Black De Necrossword and avenged the killing of one of the Celestials.

Knull: The villains are worse than Thanos
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Seeing this, the other Celestials expelled Knull and the severed head of dead Celestials into space. He later used that head to forge the symbiote and merged it with the cosmic powers of the head, which would eventually become Knowhere. However, we are not going to talk furthermore about Knull here.

The villains are worse than Thanos

If you already have watched Eternals movie you can remember, in Eternals’ post-credit scene, Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) reveals the Ebony Blade. With that Blade then contacted him for a secret mission. While fans are focused on them hunting vampires or other creatures of the night, Dane’s sword could bring Knull into the MCU.

Knull may have eyes on Earth, and when he sees Ebony Blade talking to Dane, he may be the next Villian.

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Marvel’s Greek Gods

The Greek Gods have been reborn in the current Guardians of the Galaxy comics. And also they are attempting to destroy planets in order to enhance themselves and their roving Olympus.

Arishem can identify his Eternals project as flawed. He did a lot when he tried to construct the Deviants as an army to purge and prep planets. So in the future, Marvel probably bring Marvel’s Greek Gods to the MCU in an attempt to fulfill the purpose of the Deviants’mission. Thus, these gods could become the third version of his experiment. It may be creating warriors from his forge and producing Olympus similar to Asgard.

The villains are worse than Thanos

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